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  1. I've caught males just above the tide with more color than that. Ones where I spotted their pod swim up in to the pool on some small creeks. Color on males has almost no relation to their time spent in the river. They're almost never chrome. They can be for sure, but not always.
  2. Some day maybe I can be cool like Rob. Right now clearly I'm just an ignorant fool who enjoys fishing for whats open and nearby. Maybe after some enlightenment I will realize that a day spent pursuing a big fish on a gorgeous river is a waste of my time if that fish isn't bright enough.
    And the best thing about my new reluctance to go fish as often will be that it gives me more time to go be a prick online!
  3. Haha. That is a California fish! The Californians are the ones they try to keep out of the valley. Lol.

  4. you shouldn't be worrying about trying to impress anyone, you should fish the way you want to fish where you want to fish when you want to fish. Fishing is not a popularity contest.

    I just think it's a sad commentary on our times and of steelheading that people are targeting fish at a stage in their lives where they are tired and should be left alone. 30 years ago that was a common thought among steelhead anglers. Now people have such a great need to get their identity from being a successful steelhead angler that they will target them anywhere any time with any gear possible to catch some fish for that ego boost.
  5. Bottom line is hooking a fish in the face and playing it for 15 minutes at any stage in it life does it no good. It induces stress and increases the chance of mortality.The Columbia River system is so dulled down with hatchery genetics its hard to say there are any truly "wild" steelhead in the Methow system. Anyone know how many of these fish make it back down through all the dams to the salt to redevelop their gametes and return to spawn? I do. Then answer is 0. Its never been documented. These fish spawn and die like salmon. Columbia river steelhead have been managed poorly and have had all odds against them. These fish are almost no different than a put and take trout fishery at this point. I say catch them until "the man" says you cant.
  6. Just a note re: dark fish vs. 'bright' fish:

    Besides time in freshwater being a factor, don't forget the O. mykiss gairdneri (redband steelhead) are darker than O. mykiss irideus (coastal steelhead). Look it up if you don't believe me.
  7. Catching big fish and drinking good beer. How bad can that be? Hell, I'll even drive over there in the summer just to catch trout out of the lakes and drink Blaze's brews.
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  8. enlighten me please....norwegian reference? or maybe I'm slow ? :confused: ( led her..inside joke? ......I went hiking up a river in norway and they thought I was crazy they way I hopped on boulders due to the Adders???? (I was staying on top?) .....I'm only scared when I know...They didn't tell me before hand.... then I just wanted to get back :eek: In Eastern Wa I'm a girl walking in the hot summer!
  9. None of the above! It's my term for Leavenworth, our Bavarian village in the depths of the cascades! While it's nice living in a place that, according to Austrian tourists I've encountered downtown in the Summers, is more "Bavarian" than Bavaria, we love to poke fun at the old guys in their lederhosen and trachten-the long pants-around the "bierwagen" every weekend. We call them "die Bier-Nazis". Some of them even speak a little German! Ist das nicht wunderbar?

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