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Discussion in 'New Features, Site News, Issues Info.' started by Chris Scoones, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I wasn't too keen on the new page (although it's more simplistic), but then I saw I was awarded 4 trophies! I haven't had a trophy in a long time. Thanks Chris.
  2. Some days are like that.
  3. Sorry ,but I liked the old site better.I amnot that computer savey so getting used to the new format is going to take me some time.I liked the photos that came up on the left and the adds Ithink this format looks plain .Just my two cents,probably worth less then that.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the upkeep. I like the new stuff.
  5. I actually feel a little bit the same on that- I liked seeing the advertisements from our sponsors on the side, as well as the random little photo from the galleries that was in the top left corner.
    I feel there could be a little more in regards to the looks. In terms of the new functions and the way things are set up, this site is rockin hard...but I do miss the pics.
  6. I'm with Jeff: Miss the fish!! But, as I get more used to it, looks good, Chris. Many, many thanks for your tireless efforts, sir! Since you're too busy, I'll drink the beer for you!
  7. Chris, A very timely update! I just got a fast new computer, big monitor, new operating system, speakers and sub woofer, loaded up the more streamlined Explorer 9 and have been happy as a clam with the new system. Now along comes a sleek new version of WFF-life is good. I have over a dozen jazz stations I can listen to while pounding keys. Sweet.

    The only question I have at this point is how to view my previous mail. When I try to read my WFF mail I get a blank screen with a 404 in the upper left hand corner. Are those messages gone or is there some simple trick to retrieve them?

    NIce job. Ive
  8. I've been following the chironomid thread in the stillwater category. Seems all the attachments are no longer viewable. Probably something I'm doing...but, can anyone shed light?
  9. Is that Papyrus typeface you're using up there for "Washington Fly Fishing"? Gotta change that. That is exclusively for the use of yoga studios and Thai restaurant menus (every one). Otherwise stuff seems okay. :cool:
  10. Trying to get use to it.. But looks good
  11. I don't see a button that would allow me to "edit" one of my own posts.
  12. Hi, it's switched sides and is a hyperlink instead of a button icon. Make sure you're logged in.

    Chris, Thanks for all you do Sir. It's different and I will need to explore to get to know all of the functionality but I see at least one feature that I like... PMs are in Conversation threads without separate Inbox and Sent URLs so they are easier to follow
  13. Thanks for the effort, Brian, but I still don't see it.

    Ahhhh, hold appeared on my post above.

    And now it's gone again. Weird....
  14. Hey Scoones, how do you rate people on here with the buyer/seller function- trying to do that just now...
  15. You can only do it on a post of theirs in the classifieds. Look for them there and you should see the option available to you.
  16. Chris,
    Can I adjust the font size of all posts, not just the ones I make?

  17. Steve,

    Do you have a scroll button on your mouse? If so, hold down cntl while scroll your mouse up or down. If you don't have that, while holding down cntl use your keyboard + and - buttons.

  18. Chris,

    Nice work! My only comment would be that, at least on my monitor, the lines separating the posts are very faint. Darker lines would help separate them better; but that's just my opinion.


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  19. I think the old format is initially easier to navigate, but that was more of a canned theme and this is more custom and sets SFF apart from many others. It's going to be great, and thanks to Chris for his hard work in keeping not only the content but the presentation current.

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