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  1. Like the new style....... Job well done
  2. Should be a bit easier to see now.
  3. Love this site, now its even better.
  4. I still don't have an "edit" link on my posts, Chris. When I first make a post it is there but if I refresh or change pages and come back it is gone.
    In the lower left of my posts it just has my name, and the time of the post.
  5. Fixed.
  6. Chris - What forum software is this?
  7. Back in and doing lotsa figgerin' things out............
  8. capes 039.jpg

    just seeing if I can still post pics? kinda easy, will have to get used to it. I also like when it says visitor when someone is lurking that's not a member. the letters could be way "BIGGER" this is going to be tough on the eyes for sure! pictures sure look better!

    Why no profile picture section? or am I missing something? I like saving pics in my profile.

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  9. Looks good. Will take some getting used to but I like some of the little things that set it apart from the same format as the other forums. Good work!
  10. Hi Chris,

    I wonder where is the thread function? it seems I can't find the "thread function" on the screen, neither can I modify the post...
    I am using the Safari.

    Follow up..., I can modify the thread now! Thanks Chris!! Great work!
  11. Mark,

    New Thread is to the upper right until I have a chance to move it.

    And how about now, with regards to being able to edit your message?

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  12. "Ratings: below everyone's posts now, towards the right, you will see [​IMG] [​IMG]."

    Some cat comes on and thumbs down a post I made about macro lenses in the photography forum. Why? I have no clue. My post was purely informative and stated up front it was simply my unqualified opinion on macro lenses. In retaliation I thumbs down one of his posts. Later I realized this was somewhat childish on my part but I see where this will go. Thumbs down ratings will lead to thumbs down ratings. My couple of cents on ratings.
  13. Chris, thanks for all the work. I was getting a 404 until I realized that the forum URL had changed, duh!

    EDIT: BTW, everything -- loading, editing, uploading -- seems way faster too!

    Ciao from across the pond,
  14. OK, Chris, now I have "edit" and "report" next to the time of the post. Thanks!
  15. Thanks Chris, everything looks great! When do we get trophy cases to show off our trophies? ;)
  16. Hi Chris,

    Just modified the thread now! Thanks! The edit functions poped up again!
    Thanks a lot!!

  17. One other feature I think I am seeing, but cannot say with 100% consistency yet. Chris, when I click on a thread link in a Forum that I have previously accessed, am I automatically being taken to the first post entered after I last accessed the thread; even if multipage?

    And one other thing I really like, there is now a pair of hierachy links after the last post on a page to go back to the Forum or the Forums pages without clicking a dropdown lookup
  18. WE NEED A BIGGER SELECTION OF ICONS :D ...competing sites have lots of them and they spice up posts a bit. I'll add a burger and fries to the beer offer.
  19. Having trouble seeing any attached photos. What am I missing?
  20. Looks good.
    Any chance of adding "All" so you can view all posts within a thread with multiple pages such as this one?

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