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Discussion in 'New Features, Site News, Issues Info.' started by Chris Scoones, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Chris I really like the new conversations feature much easier to use than the PM inbox/sent thing.
  2. Like it but I'm i the only one that see red ? hurt my eyes.Is there a font change somewhere ?
  3. Thanks Chris for all of you hard work on the site. Excellent site!
  4. Is the shuttle service link coming back? Maybe I'm just unable to find it?
  5. All of the WA reference info is coming back now. Shops, clubs, flows and guides are done. I'll work on the shuttle stuff next.

  6. Looks good, although I have yet to try inserting an image. If I cannot drag & drop directly from my computer, it ain't gonna happen. To my old tired eyes, that light green/gray font lacks contrast against the white background.
  7. how do we delete old stuff in the conversation area like we used to ? thanks,nice work
  8. You can leave a conversation and if you do the conversation will be removed from your inbox. It won't be deleted outright unless everyone that was in the conversation chooses to leave it.

    That approach to how things are handled in your inbox will likely be changed at some point but until then there are no restrictions with regards to how many messages you have, etc.
  9. Chris, Can we add a link to the "menu" bar at the top of the forum page that takes up to the gallery like in the previous version?
    I saves from having to back all the way out to get to the gallery.

  10. Bob, yes, I'll take care of that.

    Edit: Done.
  11. Well done scoones! Sites come along way from the old days. Tip of the cap to you good sir!
  12. Dig it.
  13. Chris, Why is it that to insert an image, I have to first put it on photo bucket, web shots or some other online site? Why can I not just upload it from my computer?
    Also, I like to see who started a thread and who the the latest was to reply before I go there. That gray? font is damn near invisible against the light background. I would really appreciate it you could come up with something a little easier on the eyes.
  14. If you want to display photos you wish to upload, click "Upload a File" under the post form. After the file(s) you've selected are uploaded, you can add either add their thumbnail or full image to the post where the cursor is at, as you wish. Try it, I think you will like it.


    I'm still working on the layout. I'll adjust that to make it easier to read.

  15. Thanks Chris.
  16. Chris,

    Just a quick question about the Gallery. I'm logged-in to the forum, but the Gallery seems to need a separate log-in before I can manage my photos, so I tried logging in with my usual name and password, but failed. Is the Gallery still "work in progress"?

    Thanks much for the help and all the great work,
  17. Kenneth, it should have allowed you to login, of course. Worked for me but that isn't saying much. I'll test it out some more.
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  19. Hi Chris. I had the same log-in issue with the gallery that Kenneth noted above.

    Thanks again for all the work on the forum!
  20. I like that picture of 'yard. He's got a hand fill of pussy.
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