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  1. Someone had to say it.
  2. Old Man, well played. SAK, if you weren't known to be so farking cool I'd toss a thumbs down, but you bundled me with Matney and Decker and that is an odd combo for sure.

    Chris, can you please lock SAK's post count at 666 forever? You can make that happen, right?

    Chris, any chance the "go to first unread" radial button and the upper menu tool bar buttons can be larger? You know, all thumbs, often browsing on a hand held, technology compromised. Bigger is better, right?
  3. Ed, I think you will find, if you go to new posts. Then open a thread. It will auto to the last unread.
  4. Chris, gotta say you done well here!!! Change ain't always to my liking but this is a great upgrade.
  5. I don't care much for this rating system. You get friends on friends backs because of this thumbs up and thumbs down. This is the internet so why do you need a rating system. If you piss somebody off you can well bet that you will acquire a lot of thumbs down. Is all this necessary??

    And this Conversation thing. We were all used to PM's and now something different. I'm out on a limb on this new stuff.
  6. Jim, just think of a conversation as halfway between a PM and a group. You can invite up to forty into it and it runs like a group thread. You don't have to put it out on the main forum for all to see.

    As for the rating system the one big advantage I see is the Mods. will have a way to watch out for real troublemakers. You know, the guys who like to stir the pot just for fun. Or think they are back on the debate team.
  7. Jeff, you were on the debate team? Great point on the conversation option. Many participants but a closed list of members. Sadly, I'm not in many conversations.
  8. Only if they were a girl. Liked to win the "should we/shouldn't we" debate.;)
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  9. Maybe it's just that I'm getting on in years and don't like change. I get comfortable with things and like it that way. I do agree with some things changing but not all. And maybe it's because I'm a grouch and don't want to change..
  10. I believe the term your looking for is " Old Codger".
    As in; You are a old codger.
  11. No, grouch it is and will always stay that way. There is nothing old on me except my age.
  12. Hi Chris,
    I was having trouble in the first few days of the upgrade with the readibility of posts. But the recent changes (color and font size) have resolved those problems. Many thanks.

  13. Chris, I'm just wondering why my message count is at 15, I'm pretty sure I have made more posts than that...

    Thanks for the help,
  14. Kenneth,

    I expect some difference. The new forum recounted and would not take into account comments in the gallery or posts in groups. It would also remove any previous counts in discussions that were remove, such as classifieds ads that people frequently delete after their stuff is sold.

    That said, the new forum search on your posts only found 16 posts. I show many more than that on the old board. I'll look into it when I have some time. For now, I have some larger issues with the new forum & gallery to deal with.

  15. Chris, thanks much for the quick reply. No worries, the post count doesn't actually bother me, I was just curious, that's all. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: thanks much for keeping this place going and for dealing with everything in such a quick and courteous manner.

    BTW, if it's any help, when I look at my profile and click on the "Find all content by Kenneth Yong", I come up with 91 postings -- I didn't think it was as many as that!

    All the best,
  16. I am having trouble sending a "new conversation". It cleared the juicy OP report that I had typed up for 15m and then gave me a 500 error.

  17. Also - take it or leave it - but the green text hurts my eyes.

    I need glasses I guess.
  18. Maybe you don't "converse" well with others!

    Hey Jeff, notice that Chris went fishing...the WFF logo is back.
  19. Jesse, I don't know yet what's causing it but I can duplicate it. If you were to have gone back it your post should have been there still, but either way damn that sucks. I'll have it sorted out soon.
  20. Still can't post in conversations.

    The WFF logo is back.:)

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