The Perfect 7wt Switch Rod Reel?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fishingAK14, May 28, 2013.

  1. I am getting into a switch rod setup and am wanting a bit of direction with my reel purchase. I have a Red Truck 7wt switch and am looking for a middle of the road reel. It will be used in AK mostly for silvers and reds. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  2. On my 7wt switch I had a lamson guru 3 and really liked how it felt, looked and performed. I would still have it if I did not make the switch to overpriced, loud, English made reels. You can pick up a guru for a good price if you look around
  3. Redington surge
  4. The two reels that I looked at so far were the Lamson Litespeed 3.5 and the Ross CLA 6. The pro at the shop said that the Lamson Litespeed didn't have enough room when the skagit like went on, but I didn't even look at the Guru. I will have to do so. I will also check out the Redington Surge.
  5. Ummmm looking at what I posted it should have been the guru 3.5 not 3.0 *stupid smart phones* I had the guru 3.5 on my Beulah and it fit like a glove. More then enough backing to balance it out + room for a running line and shooting heads.
  6. Depending on your definition of middle of the road, I'd get a Hardy Marquis. Not a modern reel (has no "drag", only click and pawl. The amount of drag is applied by palming the reel). These reels have been around in one form or another for a really long time and are literally bomb proof. I've had mine loaded with sand while fighting a fish and it was no problem. Plus there loud and super badass. Just don't take it into the salt.
    Disclaimer: I have the biggest boner for old school click reels, so take what I said with a grain of salt.
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  7. I use a T-8 on my 11' 7wt Z switch. Holds a 420 skagit compact with 30# ridge running line and backing, no issues. That combo is the cat's meow.
  8. I ended up settling with the Ross CLA 6. Seems to be a pretty good fit. Thanks for all your input.
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  9. Great reels
  10. I liked the Lamson Guru for its lighter weight (6.2 oz) and good drag. I was also looking at a Solitude reel, very nice reels but too heavy (8.14 oz) for a switch rod IMO. Ross makes nice reels but, the CLA 6 is also heavy at 9.1 oz So far, very pleased with the Lamson. I think the heavier reels would balance better on a Spey rod.
  11. I use an Orvis Battenkill size 5 on my 7 wt. spey rod merely because I have it. I have a size 4 that I use on a 5 wt. switch rod. I picked them up cheap and new. They work nicely but I also use a Ross BG-6 or a Ross Gunnison 5 on the smaller rods. They are killer spey reels as well.
  12. Steve beat me: I have a Gunnison 5 with two extra spools for my Meiser 11' 7". Just enough weight, dead reliable, and with its old-fashion small arbor design, it doesn't throw away precious capacity.
  13. I also have an "Old school" Gunnison 5. (wish I had spare spools!) that I'm using on my Echo 5 wt switch. Haven't used it much yet but I like the way it balances. Rick
  14. Luckily, I have two G-5's and two additional spools so I use them on my 5 and 6 wt. switch rods. I love the narrow spool design because it's less weight and they balance well. They are also large enough to hold a reasonable amount of backing and the line and the drag, if needed is plenty strong to handle most fish.
  15. Ross still offers some new "old school" spare spools. With the Gunnison, there were three models...pre '95, 1995-1998 and post '98. I believe spare spools may still be available.
  16. hatch 7 plus all the way. you will not find a better eel. I dont care what anyone says lol. kind of a hatch freak, I have ever hatch fanatic reel.
  17. I use an old Hardy Marquis Salmon No. 1 on my 7 wt. switch (Sage Z-Axis 7110-4). Balances that rod nicely. To clarify something a previous poster said, these do in fact have a drag - just an old school gear and pawl system. It is actually a pretty good drag system (as long as you get the 4-rivet version of this reel - avoid the 2-rivet version as the drag system on those reels is pretty weak). May require some palming to slow down a fish that decides to go on a hard run, but that's part of what makes these types of reels fun to fish.
  18. Pate salmon, or similar size Hardy Perfect (3 5/8) are my two favorites on my 7110 Zaxis. image.jpg

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