The world's worst fishing partner...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by formerguide, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. ... apparently is me. I feel awful. Was supposed to fish with a friend this afternoon. He works backshift so I was planning on calling him around noon or so to figure out a plan. But woke up coughing, been fighting the flu for weeks. Had a fever, figure, best not to risk it, so I text my friend apologizing and saying I'm out.

    But never get a text back, worry he didn't get it. So, I call him. Of course, I wake him up. Feel like an ass, not only do I bail, but I also wake the poor guy up. Sheesh...

    Later in the afternoon I find I'm actually feeling a little better. Enough better, I decide, to go cast around for an hour or so near my house. Too late to call my bud, so go solo. I have zero expectations anyway.

    Of course, the fishing is lights out. Tons of coho, coming by me in waves. Plenty of bright looking fish too, but all I manage to land are some fish halfway between silver and firetruck. But still, fun few hours, lots of action, had the river to myself other than a nice older gentlemen above me casting spinners to no avail. Fish are ballistic too.

    My phone rings (due to issues with my son I always leave it on...) It's my friend, actually calling to let me know he was almost awake anyway and not to feel bad about calling him. While he's talking, I hook a fish.

    I am a poor excuse for a fishing partner... Luckily, my friend is as laid back as they come.




  2. Is that what I have been fighting in my chest too!!!? Dang it! Been hanging all week. Great that you hooked up!
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  3. Nice job, funny how fishing works sometimes!
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  4. Wow, Dan, if there was some kind of Newcomer of the Year award it would definitely go to you! You have been in this state for such a short time, and have already added so many of our local fishes to your caught list. Well done man! Way to show everyone how in the end, you just have to get out there and get after em!
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  5. Cool lenticular cloud shot!
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  6. Dan,

    I have done it before, cancelled because not feeling well or they wanted to go on a longer trip. They decide to not go, I go close to home and then get a fish or two. It happens or is that shit happens!

    Like you said, you guys are laid back and that's what counts.

    Good fishing and you had a good time. Great pictures! My bro and I went to the Yakima and had a great time. Now I am charged, have some time off and maybe hitting local, so might see you out and about...

    that is if you are feeling well!!!! :p

    BRAVEHEART :cool:
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  7. Geez. The man/angler rule is that if you bow out of a trip, you are not supposed to end up going fishing anyway. That's the rule.

    Hang your head in shame. You violated a man rule. Worse yet, a man/angler rule.
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