There And Back Again, Baja And Dorado

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  1. As I mentioned in another thread, my mission this winter is to turn some of my flyfishing programs I once offered to fly clubs from slides into DVDs. The reason is simple... it's a lot easier to watch a slide show on a TV than to put up a projector and screen.

    During the current storm, I've been scanning slides from my first blue water trip to Baja in the hunt for dorado. It is extremely labor intensive but once I have the slides scanned to a disc, I can manage the images much easier than I can in slide form.

    The program is compiled of 130 slides but I won't make you suffer through the entire bit. A grabbed a few to post here.

    Back in 2002, Cal, Rock, John and I joined up with Les Johnson (Captain Skippy) and his group for their annual dorado trip to Loreto, Baja each August. It was our first blue water excursion so it cost our group a fortune to buy what we thought we needed (which, we later found out much of which we didn't really need). Rocky learned how to tie a Bimini Twist knot and that was a complete and total waste of time... knots you use to fish for salmon and steelhead work fine for dorado.

    Here we go:

    The group:


    When you only fish until noon, you start out just before dawn:



    We fished the Sea of Cortez and it is full of aquatic life.

    Here's ton of dolphins, it's amazing we didn't hook one by mistake but your boat captain told us they were too smart to get hooked.


    The scenery was spectacular... almost like another world, which it is.



    We fished from small fishing boats and would speed around from spot to spot looking for pods of dorado.


    Our captain/guide, let John drive the boat after the first three days. So, in the proper B.A.S.S. style he turned his cap around backwards and sped around like a mad man:



    Okay, enough of that. On to the fishing photos...

    It didn't take that long for me to hook into a dorado...


    The things take off like they're shot out of a canon and go bonkers jumping. It was the first time in my life I saw my backing and worried about my backing to fly line knot:




    This guy wasn't very large but it was my first one. The fish gained size the longer we fished:


    END PART 1... larger dorado to follow in next installment.
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  2. Not much commentary for this post... just primarily fish'n photos:

















    John also caught a Skip Jack which is basically a small tuna... they fought as well as a dorado and I'd have been happy catching those all day:


    Rocky caught the largest dorado of the group during the trip. The photo was originally a print and turned into a slide so the colors suck... but it was the only shot I have of Rock with the big ol' dorado:

    Rock with dorado.jpg

    Here's some of the patterns we tried. Between the four of us, we tied enough flies to last us a lifetime and as it turns out, they are.


    All in all, the trip was quite inexpensive for fishing blue water for five days. If you can sign up with a group, as we did with Les, that's the way to go. The upfront payment covers everything but airfare and drinks.

    As you stop fishing at noon... due to the heat... there is a lot of down time. So as Les told me when we signed up, consider it more of a vacation than just a fishing trip because you only spend half a day fishing. We stayed at a resort with a great pool and bar so there was no need to leave the gated compound but there is plenty of sites to see around Loreto if you're into that sort of thing.

  3. Great post Gene....Looks like an unforgetable trip!
  4. Great pics! I also had to change an old VHS video we did on green river Utah to disc. Now I lost the damn disc and can't play the VHS because I do not have a VHS player!

    I suppose I could take it in to have it put back to disc but don't know who, or where - does this type of thing? A friend of my nephews did it the first time and no longer have contact with him.

    Anybody have suggestions on stores that could help me with this? kinko's? Thanks in advance.
  5. Yes, thank you Gene. As blue water trips go, a trip like this has me most interested. The two times I have been gear fishing for Marlin, it was a total waste of fuel. Small boats and sight fishing with manageable gear makes for an exciting trip!
  6. Cal and Rocky went back the following year with Captain Skippy's group. Rock broke his rod while landing a dorado on the first trip and did the same thing on his second trip. I'm not exactly sure what the story is with him breaking rods on trips. So it is a very good idea to always take a backup rod when fishing for large species such as dorado.

    Yup, it was an unforgettable trip and more than just the fishing part... but that's another story.

    I doubt if I'll ever go on another blue water trip like the one to Baja. It is much less expensive to go with a group but now out of my range. The recession pretty much took care of that.

    Mark, I think Kinko's transfers files but I'm not sure.

    If you do take a trip to Loreto for dorado, make sure you hire a boat with a canopy. The captain/guide of our boat owned it (which is very, very rare) and he put the canopy on the second day. In the hot August sun of Mexico, it made a hell of a difference. Rocky and Cal were in a boat without a canopy.

    Because our guide owned his own boat, he fitted it with some gawd-awful sized motor and he never spared any horsepower when moving from one place to another. It really was like riding in a bass boat during a tournament. But that was okay... it got hotter than hell if we stayed in one spot very long so John and I didn't mind the cooling wind when we took off at a thousand miles per hour....

    However, it is danged tough to take a steady photo when you're traveling at light speed...


  7. If you PM me or post a link to the original I think I could clean up that photo a lot.

  8. Rob, you may be much better at PhotoShop than I so I'll contact you. I had to PhotoShop the devil out of the image just to get what I have.
  9. Wow, that seems a while ago. I did that trip for 9 years and remember all you Oregon guys. That is me in the front row next to Kory. I was a lot skinnier then... Skippy ran a good trip, always.

  10. Jerry! I have another photo of you in the program!... it may be one I took in the bar :)

    Actually, I have two more of you and Kory. They are "before and after" gag shots. I took one shot of you two after the morning of fishing and then after you guys took showers and spruced up.

    The idea was to show in the program just how hot it got while we were fishing during the mornings.
  11. Fishing in Loreto in Jul/Aug is a heck of an endurance test. The wonderful fishing made it worthwhile. Before and after, we must have looked like entirely different people. It often got to 90 or 100 before we got back to the beach. You had to hydrate, a lot.

    I do remember Rocky getting into tying Bimini knots. He got good at it.

    Yes, I was in the bar...

  12. Rock's obsession with learning to tie the Bimini knots was inspiration for this cartoon. It was a slide in the program:

  13. Thank you GAT. That is a trip I'd really like to do in the near future.

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