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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Dave Boyle, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Things were getting really too insane at work, so when the going gets tough, the tough go fishing...or light weights; I don't care, I was thinking get out for a bit. I had a feeling I'd catch an outgoing tide and a quick look confirmed it, so off I went to a local beach. Started out and nothing much doing but seeing a seal out far ~100 ft and then 2-3 fish jump gave me hope and though I moved to cover them, nothing...Still all the crap in my mind was starting to go and was loving looking over the sound/Olys on a great Sping day. Where were those chum fry? In front of me the water splattered! There they were right there in front of me.

    Mmm maybe I should tie on a chum baby? Did so but nothing. Still from kids rockpooling/crabbing I knew I was on the tip of a a spit and so fished over and on each side of the point, where I figured fish could lie on either side ready to ambush. Then it happened...a grab? A strip strike, fish on! Maybe I'd be lucky, no rolled around on the top, a silver possibly but then dug down, maybe not. My first cuttie of the year and boy they just don't give up. After a brief, tough battle had a yellow finned beautie of 14" to hand, not a monster trophy fishby any means but my first of the yr and a fish doesn't have to be huge to be cosmic (to parpaphrase Geraich [?]). Made my day and as the tide reached ebb I left the beach to the masses, a renewed, refreshed, happy man. No photo's, my phone let alone camera, is the worst in world so a complete bollocks report as no photo but I don't care :)

    Get out and fish,

  2. Awesome satisfaction! Good times and nice bit of work! Thanks for the stoke :)
  3. Nice report.....And I'll take 14" cutties all day, love the little guys.
  4. Very cool. I think I know the beach you were fishing from your vivid description. I always have a hard time picking which side of the point to fish. "all the crap in my mind was starting to go" is what it's all about. Beaches have a way of cleansing things.
  5. Check this one out.....

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  6. AMEN!
  7. Great story!....and great tenacity, sometimes hanging in there has its rewards
  8. A fine example of what it is all about.

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