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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Dave Boyle, Apr 5, 2013.

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    Things were getting really too insane at work, so when the going gets tough, the tough go fishing...or light weights; I don't care, I was thinking get out for a bit. I had a feeling I'd catch an outgoing tide and a quick look confirmed it, so off I went to a local beach. Started out and nothing much doing but seeing a seal out far ~100 ft and then 2-3 fish jump gave me hope and though I moved to cover them, nothing...Still all the crap in my mind was starting to go and was loving looking over the sound/Olys on a great Sping day. Where were those chum fry? In front of me the water splattered! There they were right there in front of me.

    Mmm maybe I should tie on a chum baby? Did so but nothing. Still from kids rockpooling/crabbing I knew I was on the tip of a a spit and so fished over and on each side of the point, where I figured fish could lie on either side ready to ambush. Then it happened...a grab? A strip strike, fish on! Maybe I'd be lucky, no rolled around on the top, a silver possibly but then dug down, maybe not. My first cuttie of the year and boy they just don't give up. After a brief, tough battle had a yellow finned beautie of 14" to hand, not a monster trophy fishby any means but my first of the yr and a fish doesn't have to be huge to be cosmic (to parpaphrase Geraich [?]). Made my day and as the tide reached ebb I left the beach to the masses, a renewed, refreshed, happy man. No photo's, my phone let alone camera, is the worst in world so a complete bollocks report as no photo but I don't care :)

    Get out and fish,

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    Awesome satisfaction! Good times and nice bit of work! Thanks for the stoke :)
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    Nice report.....And I'll take 14" cutties all day, love the little guys.
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    Very cool. I think I know the beach you were fishing from your vivid description. I always have a hard time picking which side of the point to fish. "all the crap in my mind was starting to go" is what it's all about. Beaches have a way of cleansing things.
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    Check this one out.....

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    Great story!....and great tenacity, sometimes hanging in there has its rewards
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    A fine example of what it is all about.