WFF Thermometers use and benefit for salmon fly fishing

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  1. L.S.,

    I am a starter wit DH. Spey salmon fishing. Can/will anywhone of you probely inform me, about the benefits and use about thermometers in rivers with or Atlantic or Pacific salmon fishing? Are the colour or size of the salmonflies dependentable of the themperature of the river at that moment and time ?

    Thank you for your time and reading, waiting for your reply,

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  2. Doh! I'm thinking you inadvertently posted here (Classifieds) when you intended this to be in the general discussion forum ...
  3. I am sorry for my (digabeticle) misderstanding,

  4. I moved it.

  5. This is the smartest sounding drunk post I've seen on WFF. Congratamentalations can/will yes, answer whence question.

    Temperature is a big deal. The colder is gets, the longer you want to tickle the nose of a salmon or steelhead. Sometimes you even have to hit them upside the head with your offering a couple times to induce a take. When it's warmer, they're a little more frisky and will sometimes move clear across an entire pool to slam your fly while you soil your waders and prematurely WONK the fly away from the fish's mouth.

    Concerning "the colour or size of the salmonflies dependentable of the themperature"

    ..... yeeeeeeah man.
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  6. *Points to his location*

    I'm going to guess English isn't his first language. Way to be an ass, though :)
  7. When's the last time you were in the Netherlands?

    They speak much better English than most of America!
  8. They do in parts of Netherland. But no, I've never been there, I'm a proud Norseman and I don't' mingle with dykes :)
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  9. I'd suggest that you refrain from fishing when the water temperature drops below 70 may not help your fishing but it would sure open up a lot of runs for the rest of us!
  10. Been there several times when i lived in Germany as an exchange student. No not everyone speaks or writes better English. Give the guy a break. Having been on his end myself with the German language and word order.
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  11. Man - you're right. I hope he'll be ok.
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  12. Not to hijack, but it's killing me to know...what does WWCHD mean? I gues it's What would CH do...who's CH?
  13. LOL. It's a tribute to one of my best friends. All i can tell you. ;-)
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