This guy has caught 15.000 salmon!!!!

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  1. I though this was another spammer, but I liked it. Kind of like "This is fly" but with less advertising.
  2. What I can't understand is why all the excitement for 15 salmon? Sorry, sorry, that dang math teacher in me sneaking out again. Oh, I see over 15,000 salmon. I fixed it for you.
  3. Cool mag!
  4. He talks about using a size 20 salmon fly. Shoot, I'd like to see one tied that small. Somehow I figure his size 20 isn't the same as the #20's I use trout fishing.

  5. You might be surprised, but I think your right. I cannot imagine landing a grilse, let alone a normal sized salmon on a size 20 fly without fighting it until it dies.
  6. "My father had no interest in salmon fishing at all, and he couldn't understand why this was happening to me."

    I love that. Salmon fishing is not something you do, but something that happens to you. 100% agree.
  7. This guy counts fish like Old Man counts posts. There are better ways to apply your accumulated math skills in life.
  8. My math tells me that if he fished for 30 years and caught 500 salmon per year (15,000), that figures to 2.5 fish per outing if he fished only 200 days per year. Yeah, ok...:rolleyes:
  9. Nice rag, I like it. Watch the vid of the Ponoi River. Atlantic Salmon on skaters... yikes! Very cool. Check it out...
  10. Okay I'll be the first to call B.S. on this one. if each fish weigh an average 10lbs that would be 150,000 lbs of salmon . thats a butt ton of salmon to eat
  11. Whoops, for a minute I thought this was about Wilt Chamberlain.
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  12. Well the lodge in the article said they were averaging 44 fish per angler, per week. I think it said he fished every day. If he tossed in a few week a year on the Pon, it seems possible. But OMG, that's a hell of a lot of fish.
  13. Sooooo who counts?

    Each fish is a gift in and of itself!

    I don't give a rats behind what you fellows feel about my fish. It is
    strictly between me and the fish on the other end of the line.
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  14. Hey this is just normal fishing math. Just add a zero to your count! Every bump that could have been a fish counts as one to hand. It's not about the experience. Telling people who really don't care about how many fish you caught is what it's all about!

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