NFR This is just wrong on to many levels.

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  1. How is this different than using electronic fish finders? At some point, I agree the use of advancing technology in our outdoor sports begins to overshadow the skill level -- unless one considers running the 3D Garmin, whilst simultaneously texting and stripping a woolly bugger demonstrates advance skill. Where it offers an unfair advantage to the hunter and/or is detrimental to the long term survivability of the prey, they just need to restrict the use... that's why the fly shop's don't stock gill nets. ;)
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  2. Hevi bead... And go
  3. Seems like "sport" is the endangered species...
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  4. " Using aircraft: It is illegal to: Use an aircraft to spot, locate, or report the location of wildlife for the purpose of hunting." from WA regulations.
  5. Yeah, but according to the article: "The federal Airborne Hunting Act prohibits tracking and shooting animals via aircraft. However, it does not directly apply to drone usage. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is scheduled to vote on whether or not to ban the practice of hunting with drones Friday."
  6. From the CO reg under Illegal to #9 "Use aircraft to hunt, to direct hunters on the ground or to hunt the same day or day after a flight was made to find game." As long as a drone is considered an aircraft it seems cut and dry to me. Just seems like they are voting on a rule that already exists.
  7. I believe the FAA is currently working on upgrading their regulations for recreational unmanned aircraft, expected in 2015. Technology outpacing regulation.

    How about just using good basic hunting ethics.
  8. What's the bounty on unmanned aircraft ??
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