Thornton Lakes- are there fish?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chad Lewis, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Thinking about hiking to the lakes next week. Pam's welcome.
  2. Who's Pam, you got a new girlfriend?
  3. Which one? There are 4. Seems like a long way from the tri-cities.
    But the answer is yes
  4. I only remember there being 3 lakes in the Thornton chain. You'll have a choice between cutthroat and brook trout. I'm not sure if Thornton was included in the mix of brook trout lakes where JJ stocked brown trout to thin out the brook trout. I heard that in some lakes where that was tried, it resulted in nice size brookies and some large browns, with CNR required on the brown trout.

    Go ahead and take Pam with you; skinny dipping is the norm after trundling up that climb on a hot day. But don't jump in too far away from shore, that cold water takes your breath away and shrinks your nads. There are only a couple potential tent sites at each lake, so camping can be cozy.

  5. SG the fourth is off the white chuck below white chuck mt.]. I would imaging the upper has a good chance of still being partly frozen
  6. Spellcheck strikes again. It shoulda' been "PM's welcome". Of course any Pam's are invited along too.

    I think I'm gonna wait until I have more than a couple days off for this one, but looking forward to checking it out soon.
  7. That's one hell of a hike
  8. digging through the WDFW planting records, The last plant I could find for the lower lake was RB's in 2009. Since its in the North Cascades National Park, I think they decided to halt planting
    around that time. There is some current legislation to resume stocking working it's way through the system.

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