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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by David Dalan, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. So prices are coming down on the Death Star, and as a full fledged gear whore, I am considering letting Mr. Visa say "yes you can."

    I admit I'm mostly an impulse buyer, but I would like to hear anyone's thoughts on the Death Star, if you have owned and fished with one.

    Or even if you just want to talk random trash about how dumb it is to buy a $500 fly rod. I'm all ears :)

  2. Never heard of it. But it might be worth it just for the name.

  3. I just got one on a clear out pricing deal... friggin love it. Thrown a 510 scandi compact, a 510 skagit compact, and a 550 skagit flight and they all jack with it.

    It's not as light as the new 7126 ONE but it's a spey rod and I'm not too worried about weight. That said, it's lighter than my older Echo 2 spey and it has a bit more backbone.

    For the money, it's a good buy IMO.
  4. Stay on target...
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  5. Sorry, it's the Sage TCX 7126 two hander. The Death Star is a nickname :)

  6. Uh, what? You trying to psyche me out? I know you've seen a lot of what do you think?
  7. Get it. You won't regret it.
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  8. I think that if you are excited about the product, and you think it is worth pursuing, then you should definitely get it. It is hard to beat the satisfaction of getting exactly what it is that you want.
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  9. The initial post was a quote from the Star Wars trilogy btw..
  10. isn't that from Flyfish USA in Welches?

  11. Ha! I am slow on the uptake :)
  12. I don`t think it`s a 7 weight .
  13. Certainly one of the greats! A perfect year round Spey rod for our rivers IMHO. I've had mine for a year and a half and use it year round for steelhead and seasonally for chinook. It's light enough for your average 23" puget sound summer run but has the balls to go toe to toe with sea liced kings in the 30# class.

    For scandi heads I highly recommend dropping down to the 450 grain range. The rod really comes alive in your hands. It's scary. I think a lot of the line recs found on the web are really overlining the blank and you lose that tippy, TCX zip. 480 rage is a lot of fun and very versatile. Poly leaders and dry flies or loop on 10' of T8 and toss small weighted tubes mid day. "What wind??" Lol

    As far as skagit goes I settled on a airflo skagit switch 540 with 10 foot T14/17 tips and had a love/hate for awhile. I don't feel the action is very forgiving for sustained anchor and its easy to fall off track and start losing it. It either fires wedges across the river or it flounders miserably (at least in my hands).... Some days/runs I'm on, some runs I cant get it together. Then I found intermediate heads. The Death Star was made for them. 480 airflo intermediate skagit for summer flies and lighter tips with a snappier feel. 510 for the bigger winter junk. Deadly casting and fishing combo. 5 stars.

    I can't offer much on mid bellies as I haven't delved into that much but I plan on trying out a fall favorite 45 and a delta this fall on the big river. Could be fun! It was worth the price at full retail, $500 is a steal.

    My $.02
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  14. Which intermediate you using? I have the 510 airflo and dig it. I love the way it swings and that anchor feels like I'm peeling Velcro, super satisfying.
  15. Airflo intermediate skagit 480 and 510. The faster action rod is really well suited for that head. Match made in heaven.
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  16. I love mine. I had others but got rid of them in favor of the TCX. The 7126 is nicknamed the Death Star, in case you hadn't heard that. They are awesome.
  17. I was all set to get one about 2 years ago and then I found my Meiser which derailed that idea... Sean has worlds more experience with it than I do but what sold me on it was casting the Nextcast Fall Favorite 45 6/7 which is about as money a dry line as you can get for the rod.

    It is not a forgiving rod for novice casters and as Sean says it's easy to come off track on a sustained anchor cast if one does not apply power correctly.


  18. Every one needs a Spey rod
  19. I know I don't need a rod called the death star. Seriously?

  20. Oh I have at least one already :) Like I said...gear whore.

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