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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by David Dalan, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. I've fished the Death Star a few times and would definitely agree with everything Mr. Beauchamp has to say. It is a great rod. That being said, I say the 12'3" Winston is a better rod. IMHO it was a bit more forgiving than the Death Star, and a fair bit lighter. Both rods do very well with modern shooting heads in similar grain ranges. Can't go wrong with either, but for $500, get the Death Star.
  2. Its for guys who didn't get a 8124 brownie
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  3. 8124 brownie, which is another reason why I don't own a Tcx 7126

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  4. I got two of those. Never once called them "Death Star". Seriously?

  5. Rocking the two pole endorsement. Badass.
  6. I really appreciate the input. Thanks!
  7. U gotta get the death star and the enterprise so u can Circle uranus
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  8. I haven't either and the way I understand things is that the 8124 is a predecessor to the TCX 7126. Also if I am correct it was George Cook who first coined the term "Death Star" for the TCX 7126 because he liked it so much.

    The TCX 7126 really is a fantastic rod and if I did not have my Sage 8124 and my MKS 7136 I would be all "I have you now" to the Death Star.... minus the getting spun off in to space because my wing man was just greased by Han Solo.
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  9. I can believe that but really, death star for a fly rod, seriously.
  10. I had the TCX 7126 and sold it after a couple moths. Too quick and crispy for me.

    I highly reccomend the 7125-3 Burkheimer. :) It has just the right amount of mellow and is truly a 7wt.
  11. The TCX 7126 is my primary steelhead rod. As Sean states, it's light enough for summer runs but has plenty of backbone for big fish.

    For winter/skagit work I like the 510gr Airflo Intermediate. Once I experienced the superior swing of the intermediate I rarely use a floating skagit any more.

    Summer conditions the RIO AFS in 460gr rocks on this rod! For windy conditions or light tips I switch to a Rage.

    If you are on the fence, get it. Killer rod, killer price.
  12. I use the AFS 460 on this rod and a 540 gr switch line with a clear floating tip. Good stuff.
  13. I totally agree with haunted by water. burkheimers are the shit. ive owned everything from a tcx, sage one, z axis, and so on. I still have all of them and they all have a special place I believe. but burkheimers are the cats ass. you cant beat them 7134 for summer and 8134 for winter. if not just an 8134 for year round.
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  14. It does, however, certainly sound like something George Cook might say. ;)
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  15. I have in my quiver a 8126-3 greenie- same rod as the 8124(according to MR Godshall)..
    With a 510 rage on er I call it a lazer beam--never a deathstar tho.. And yes ifn I remember correctly--that is George Cook's name for that tcx.......
  16. What is a good click and pawl reel that balances well with this rod? I am thinking Hardy 3.75 or 4". My plan is to be fishing for winter Steelies tossing intruders. Thanks

    Oh....I just bought a death star, super excited!
  17. I (now) have a Marquis Salmon No. 2 on mine... balances it wonderfully.
  18. 10 points to the Hardy Marquis. Hard to beat for a click and pawl. I love mine more then words (mine is not on a death star, but still).
  19. Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed the ability to cast a fly line is insignificant to the power of the fish..

    hmm i was hoping to think up something more clever on the spot but i guess i am just not that witty

  20. Funny thing, I assumed (among other things) that the Death Star was super light. I was kind of amused to find out that there are several two handers in the same rod weight that are lighter. Granted we are talking 1 ounce or less difference.

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