Article Thurston Co. man says he shot self in head while fishing

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  1. OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - It's a complicated story, but a Thurston County man says he managed to shoot himself in the head with a .22-caliber rifle while fishing for salmon.

    A sheriff's report says the man told deputies he fired a shot into the Deschutes River on Sunday afternoon but the bullet ricocheted off a rock and hit him in the temple. When he scratched the spot with his finger, he says the bullet fell out of his head and into the river.

    The tale came to light although the man went home and refused to tell his girlfriend how he had been injured. After he left again, she called 911. When deputies pulled over the man's pickup truck, he told them what happened.

    The Olympian reports that the man was treated at an area hospital and released. The newspaper says the man was not cited for any violations.
  2. It sounds like something somebody who lives in that part of Washington would do. Trying to kill salmon with a .22 and not get cited for it.
  3. Note that the bullet "fell out" indicating a very thick skull. Probably a steelhead fisherman.
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  4. or a hunter with a steel plate in his head, targeting salmon with a rifle.
  5. If that happened to me, I wouldn't tell anyone either.
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  6. A likely Darwin award winner sometime in the near future. He got on the ballot this year, but couldn't quite close the deal.
  7. Was probably swinging for steelhead and just had enough
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  8. Wasn't salmon or steelhead, it was those man eating Bull Trout. Hope he learned his lesson, you can't go after aggressive fish under-gunned.
  9. Perhaps a new thread; a take-off on the ubiquitous, Best caliber for Grizzlies? "Best caliber for shooting oneself in the Head?" I'm goin w/ 10mm in both instance.

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