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  1. is there a tick repellant that works? can you use mosquito repellant(deet) and does it work? this spring in the potholes i used 'off' and the ticks were on. 2 were burrowed in me. i am trying to get the odds to zero. thanks, mike w
  2. Permethrin-containing products repel ticks; DEET products not so much. Secure your long sleeves, wear light-colored clothing (makes ticks easier to see), blouse your pants & check/have a partner check you over good. Showering helps. Vets sell 5% permethrin products for horses; I've never tried it on myself. For some reason, ticks don't seem to like me . . . I've had lots of them on me, but none burrowed-in. You might want to check this out:
  3. jim, i see you are from the columbia basin. you are welcome to attend the fly club in moses lake(DRY SIDE FLY CLUB). we meet the first and third tuesday at chicos pizza in moses lake at 6 p.m.. the first is the main meeting and the third is for tying , eating, and drinking. see you there. mike w
  4. I can't speak for the Columbia basin. And I haven't had any trouble with ticks here on the west side. But in Ca. ticks were always a problem if you went into the woods. I found that wearing a wide brim hat helped a lot. In Ca. woods the ticks will drop out of trees when they sense heat (like little alien Predators they can "see" a heat signature). I would hear them hit the hat and take it off, find the tick and flick it into the woods. In the Columbia basin it may be that the ticks just jump sideways onto you from shrubberies though. Still, a hat may help for ticks and it will certainly help with UV rays.
  5. http://www.rei.com/product/768970/sawyer-permethrin-pump-spray-24-oz

    This is the permethrin product sold by REI. I use it, along with several coworkers. Works like a champ on ticks, chiggers, mites, mosquitoes, whatever. Only thing I don't like about it is that I didn't know it existed until last year. Follow the link and read the reviews. This stuff really is the real deal.
  6. Thanks for the offer luv2fly2, but long work hours pretty-much prohibit a jaunt to Moses during the week.
  7. "Skin so soft." My father in law used as a tick repellant on the dogs (he lives in the foothills of the Blue Mountains). Used to be some kind of skin product, but now Avon markets it as a insect repellant. Gives my wife a splitting headache. Maybe it's the smell that gets the ticks :)
  8. I'm using Skin so Soft also and it comes in a pump spray bottle. It's got a way better smell than DEET.
  9. I've never ever have been bothered by ticks. I've fished the Yakima, Dry Falls, and numerous other small skinny water in the summer time over on the dry side. I never saw one of them. I always used that repellant made by Cutters. Keeps everything off of me. Been using the same stuff for over 15 years now. It works so I never ever wasted money on others.
  10. 20 years ago I didn't see hardly a tick. Now I see lots.
  11. I wear a dog, tick and flea collar as a necklace and I never have any problems. The PetCo brand works the best. :)
  12. Tics

    I hate them/fear them more than cougars (kitty and human), bears or rattlesnakes.

    Got a bad case of tics at rocky ford a few years ago in Feb or March. Felt a tickle on my leg, ran to the handicapped dock and stripped down to my skivvies. Had on 3 layers of clothes including insulated carhart overalls. Fellow fisher persons probably thought I had just escaped the loony ward as I performed an insane clothes removal dance. Found approx 10 tics during dock performance. 2 dropped off me in my car, and 3 more when I took the clothes off at a friends garage in Ephrata.

    Had one drop on me when my db touched a tree limb on the yak.

    Give me a rattlesnake any day. Had a rattlesnake accidentally bump my leg while wet wading the Yak mid summer, not as terrible as those nasty little tics.

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