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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Chad Lewis, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Okay, this is the idea. Tie the fly that you like the most. It can be a fly you think you tie the best, or a fly you just think looks the best when you're done. It doesn't have to be a proven fish catcher or even a fly that you'd fish. And it doesn't have to be a massive work of art demanding the skills of a Jedi. Just the best looking fly you tie.

    If there's some interest I'll start nailing down the details and making a list.

    Okay, this looks like a done deal! We'll make it ten folks max, and we'll tie one fly for each of them. I'm gonna say have the flies to me by March 23rd. I'll post pics as they come in. Should be really cool to see what shows up!

    This is the list:
    1. Me
    2. Blake Harmon
    3. Zen Leecher
    4. Mayfly Aviator
    5. LD
    6. MountainTrout
    7. Ben Guss
    8. S. Fontianlis
    9.Rob Ast
  2. Chad, confused. Is this the "best looking" fly, or the "fly I like the most"? Not sure about best looking, but the fly I like the most (ie: "my favorite") is probably just a simple peacock and starling wet fly. They work in still water and moving water, and just look buggy. I can tie a dozen for a swap in no time.
  3. I'd participate.
  4. Rob,

    It'd be the fly that you think looks the best and, by default, the fly you think others would think looks the best :)
  5. I was thinking of an orange softhackle as that seemed to be my best fly in years past.
  6. If it goes forward count me in. I have a simple streamer that catches fish anywhere and in anything.
  7. Hi lads I'm a new member and if its ok I'd like to post a wet March Brown.I had some tied 2 seasons back by a local pro and had so
    much time on my hands in the closed season I decided to only fish with my own stuff from now on,it has worked for myself and a few pals so I'm a happy chappie.
    PS I'm in Cork,Ireland and mainly throw for Salmon/Sea-trout and Browns.
  8. I would be up for joining in.
  9. If this is going to be a swap, I'd pitch in too.
  10. Well if Mountain Trout is in, i'll have to get on this. He is the old grand-dad of tying!
  11. Details added- see original post.
  12. I'd like in on this of there is still space
  13. And me.
  14. Added S. Fontinalis and Rob Ast to the list!
  15. I'll get mine out by next weekend. Expect a wet fly, if thats ok, size 8. Not sure what pattern yet, but i'm sure it'll be a good'un!
  16. Chad, my fly will be the Drunken Dragon.
  17. I'm tying up the afore-mentioned peacock and starling. They are pretty simple, but will be well tied. If anyone feels said offering is not sufficient I would be happy to double up with this or another soft hackle (flymph maybe).
  18. I'll be tying a double reverse spyder- a great src fly!
    Thanks for Kelvin for this pattern.
  19. Alright, got in the tying mood and whipped out 10 peacock and starling (sz 16) and 10 flymphs in the GRHE vein (sz 10). Need a mailing address.

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