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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Chad Lewis, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Flies are sent.
  2. I can mail mine once I get mailing instructions also.
  3. Mine should go out this weekend once I have an address to send them to.
  4. Likewise. Mine will go out monday. Just need the address.
  5. Okay, address has been sent to everyone who's requested. I screwed up and sent Rob the wrong zip code, so we'll see where his flies end up. I apologize ahead of time for any delay this might cause, and for any extra that Rob might have to do. I owe beer....
  6. flies mailed this morning.
  7. Mine are ready, address please.
  8. Starting to get a few flies rolling in. Looking good! Rob, your flies did make it to the house.

    I haven't been quite as "on top" of this as I'd like to be. A lot of irons in the fire lately. If I've missed getting the address to anyone, please let me know.
  9. Chad et. al - I apologize for the delay, but I received my flies back in the mail upon returning from a Bitterroot trip yesterday. It appears that the local shipper put the return address on the outside...I'll correct it and resend today. Funny thing is that the package went to SLC and Pocatello prior to arriving in my mail box...
  10. If you were fishing on the Bitterroot, there's no big deal :D
  11. Finally got mine out on Friday....and promptly forgot the return postage. Watch for an envelope in a few days with some $$ ;)
  12. Good stuff fellas!

    Fontinalis' flies made it here today from over the river and through the woods (the Mississippi and Rockies, respectively). Still have a few that should be rolling in. I'll start posting pics with the screen names associated; not everyone toe-tagged their flies, so this'll let everyone know who tied what. Again, thanks everyone for playing.
  13. Chad, where do you standin receiving flies? We are past the due date.
  14. Rob, thanks for keeping me honest. I meant to post an update earlier, but things have been busy. Some more time at work, and my girlfriend got to come home all last week before going to Iraq for work. And dealing with a sick puppy. I will admit that I went fishing this past Sunday; you know, for health reasons. Anyway, this is where we stand:
    Flies I have right now:
    1. Fontinalis- Wiggle Stoneflies
    2. Jon (Mountain Trout??)- Thorne River Emerger
    3. Rob Ast- Peacock and Starling Flymph
    4. Mayfly Aviator- Cheeseman's Emerger
    5. Zen Leecher- Drunken Dragon
    6. Ben Guss- Pink Reverse Spider
    7. Chad Lewis- Fan Wing Adams

    That leaves Blake Harmon and LD I haven't received flies from. If you fellas would please let me know where you stand I'd appreciate it. If you can't send flies, that's okay. If I haven't heard from Blake and LD by Friday, I'll send what I have. Pics to follow....
  15. DSC_0173.JPG Fan Wing Adams- Chad Lewis DSC_0175.JPG Cheeseman's Emerger- Mayfly Aviator DSC_0177.JPG Thorne River Emerger- Mountain Trout DSC_0180.JPG Peacock and Starling Flymph- Rob Ast
    DSC_0183.JPG Wiggle Stone- S Fontinalis
    DSC_0184.JPG Drunken Dragon- Zen Leecher
    DSC_0187.JPG Double Knudson Spider- Ben Guss
  16. A couple of fellas were thoughtful enough to tie some additional flies for me. I really appreciate that. I think I'm gonna forward those flies to everyone, since we ended up a couple short. Thanks to Rob Ast and Mountain Trout for your generosity. And thanks to everyone for participating. I'll be getting the flies in the mail shortly.
  17. Chad - there should be one or two extra for you, I should've labeled them as swapmeister. Secondly, cool looking adams. If you get a chance a quick ingredient list would be appreciated.

    All - interesting looking flies, I'm looking forward to trying them out.

    Thanks for hosting.

    Sam Dixon
  18. Okay, I get it now :confused: All of you tied extras for me- thank you very much. Rob Ast and Mountain Trout tied an additional pattern altogether; these are the "extras" that I'm forwarding to everyone. Strong work guys! So everyone should have nine unique flies. Again, thanks to everyone for playing. Looking forward to posting some fish pics with your fly in its mouth.

    Here's the pattern for the Fan Wing Adams. If you wanna tie more than a few, get the BIG bag of mallard flank feathers. Very few of them will be the right size and shape to work.

  19. Rob and Mtn trout, I'm hooking you guys up with some more flies from my boxes so you two also have nine. The buggy looking dry fly is called a Daddysnatcher (don't ask me, it must be a British or Scottish thing), and the orange nymph is a October Caddis fly that's been good for me.
  20. Wow I completely failed on this swap guys, I apologize. My clueless ass didn't even realize it was a go. Sorry about the fail, Its the first time and it wont happen again. Tight lines everybody, those are some good looking flies.

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