Tiger among cutts

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  1. Fishing for some nice cutthroats in UT using a trusty white and orange bugger. Was doing pretty well stripping it fairly fast. Nothing huge, but several healthy ones brought to hand. Then I hooked into something significantly stronger.

    So I pulled this sucker out of my net! A healthy Tiger trout (brown-brookie mix). The last one I pulled out of here was way more brookie-like. Nonetheless, I love the tug of a healthy fish!
  2. That thing's jaws scream "brook trout" to me.
  3. I do love the look of those fish. Can any bio tell us if there have been any documented cross breeding in the wild or did scientists come up with those on their own. Nice catch by the way
  4. i think scientists were pretty busy playing in this lake a while back.
  5. Mike - Nice exotic fish, but why are you using that WT graphite rod and not one of your awesome glass sticks?
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  6. Browns are trout, brookies are char. They cannot breed. This is a man-made, sterile hybrid. They're really cool, though. Some years ago they put Tigers in Lenice. I heard about some 20+ fish but I only got a couple, largest was 17".

    Nice fish!
  7. guilty as charged (except that the rod was a 6wt Marryat Evolution). and yes, it's pretty darn fast. i had my Diamondglass and Scott rods for streams there, but on that specific lake you've gotta cast a mile or so and weighted buggers are the only way to go... so i needed something that allows me to really chuck a bugger, even if it gets a bit windy in the canyon.
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  8. I've caught two tigers in Montana and I also pulled one out of a New Jersey wild trout stream. I think they do happen on their own, just not very often.
    432052_10150587231620938_1631923950_n.jpg The Jersey Fish
  9. Nice fish, no matter what it's called.
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  10. There was an article a while back in one of the rags about bios documenting naturally occuring tigers in a stream in Wyoming. It can happen, but extremely rare.
  11. I've grown to love glass too, but the WTs are very special rods. But, you know that.
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  12. Interesting, I wouldn't have thought so. Thanks

  13. Yes, I do like WT's a lot, though I currently don't own one. I used to like the TMF 8' 4wt a lot, but I also liked using a 5wt line on the other 3-piece 8' 4wt in that series. It was a sweet hopper rod for smaller streams. I should not have sold that one.
  14. JWF here. Competes for time with a Steffen 5/6 like yours. I could sell it, but would likely regret it.
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  15. I think they should call them cheetah trout...looks more like cheetah than tiger lol! But no one asked me so I'll just keep hoping I catch one sometime lol! Cool fish!
  16. never thought of that, but you're right. definitely should be a cheetah trout! makes the fish sound faster... and faster is better. ;)
  17. Niiiice! And thanks for the fish ID. I have wondered for a couple of months now what particular kind of trout that is. I believe Cabelas in Tulalip have them in their big aquarium. Took my daughter there while getting me an electric smoker and we ended up staying longer than we thought. Just got distracted with the fish tank and took the opportunity to teach my daughter to ID fish (which I was pleasantly surprised she learned fairly quickly). The only one I couldn't ID is the fish on this thread.

    Tight lines,

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  18. my kids love that aquarium! i'll have to look closer next time i'm there as i've never seen the tiger trout. yep, you always end up staying longer than you expect... last time it was due to my son's difficult decision between a blow gun and a nice machete. he ended up getting the machete.
  19. I'm glad I'm not the only one having this dilemma. It's a great window shopping place. I look around, drool, take note then take my purchase to the local fly shops..;)
  20. thanks for the comments guys. this outing inspired me to tie up more streamers, as my streamer box is in bad shape!
    it was great. my young son got out his tying kit and asked me if i'd share some materials with him so he could tie cooler flies. love the kid's enthusiasm!

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