Time for a new one?!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Let's take a quick poll as to what it should be, most votes wins, everyone who votes must participate and I'll host.

    The votes are in:

    Irafly: DONE
    Patrick Gould:
    Blake Harmon:
    formerguide: DONE
    Scudley Do Right: DONE
    zen leecher:
    steeli: DONE
    Wayne Kohan: DONE
    KevinLS: DONE
    Pat Lat: DONE
    David Dalan: DONE
    Kelvin: DONE

    Since I consider a sculpin to be a streamer and a married wing wet fly could most certainly also be a streamer, than STREAMERS it is. 14 tiers, so tie 13 of your favorite/effective/you just want to impress us streamer pattern. I feel a month is ample time to finish up your ties, so I think a November 5th due date is more than reasonable. Remember to toe tag and to send a self addressed stamp envelop. If you don't send a self addressed stamped envelop, with your flies, I have decided that as the swapmeister I will keep your flies.

    I'll send my address out later, now start tying.
  2. Trout streamers
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  3. Sculpins
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  4. meat. . .
  5. I'm in for whatever! Fly swaps are fun. My vote would be for steel swingers of some type, followed by steel nymphs. But I'm game for anything...

  6. Trout Streamer
  7. married wing wet flies.
  8. any trout streamer that's caught you huge fish.
    based on the weather, looks like a good weekend to hit the vice
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  9. I'm with Ira on this one, small steelhead nymphs. Would a bead count though?

  10. I'm down for anything, been itching for a swap. My vote is steelie nymphs though.
  11. If the bead is tungsten and it is part of the body of the nymph, then yes!

    One more and I'll call it on this one.
  12. I'd be in for a trout streamers, I have a pretty rad crawdad pattern that I call C-diddy, or maybe an egg gulpin sculpin.

    If so I would not be in for a 20 person swap where I get back a bunch of bunny leaches ;).

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  13. You are a phenom Pat!
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  14. Steel nymphs works.
  15. Pat is the last one in.
  16. Doesn't look good for married wing wet flies.:(
  17. Ira how about another holiday face to face ?
  19. Kelvin, I was just wondering if you were gonna organize another this year. It sounds like some east siders are in on this one, but I would love to do another holiday face to face swap.

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