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  1. The Sequoia has been the best vehicle I've ever owned, but with 180K my wife is adamant that we replace it for upcoming road trips. So, I guess I will. I'm down to two, and am reaching out for input from anyone with an opinion--I don't think the membership is short on those ;).

    Use: My daily, but I don't need to commute to work any more (haven't for 10 years) and really don't drive that much other than short hops except for fishing day trips, and longer road trips. I need some towing capacity for a small boat and maybe a camp trailer. My rock climbing, stream jumping days are mostly over but I do hit some rugged trails and need at least AWD, plus it's good on the boat ramps. I've always had 4WD . Equally as important is comfort on long trips. Both of us enjoy body on frame trucks, but don't want to be bounced around all the time. We have a 2WD Taco in the family and have no problem with that ride. We don't get to use it much as it's our daughter's. Also very important is cargo space for the fishing stuff and pontoons, obviously.

    At the top of the list so far. Haven't driven a recent one yet--the last generation seemed like a rough drive. Gas mileage is OK, cargo space--I can adapt. Has good clearance, not sure about 4WD or AWD but the Limited gives you no choice (AWD). Biggest concern is ride and handling. Again, if it's as good or better than the Taco, no problem. Pricey but the $$ isn't the main consideration. Tows 4700#. Had Toyotas or Lexus in some form since my 1966 Stout Pickup so I do have a strong Toyota bias. I have not put a dime into the Sequoia other than regular maintenance and a broken rear hatch lock.

    Subie Outback
    Great gas mileage even with the V6, capable off road I think, $10K less than the T4R, smaller but not by much, not a looker, seems as most Outback owners love them. They are not popular down here except in Tahoe, so resale might not be as good as any Toy. Am thinking the long rides might be more comfortable? Tows only 3000# which works today but I don't know what a small camp trailer requires. Unibody, essentially a station wagon with clearance and AWD, which would be a new ride for us.

    Rejected (right or wrong)
    --Tahoe. Too expensive and even the Escalade cousin doesn't ride that well. Nice looking though.

    --Dodge Durango. Specs are good and we have one of those too in the family but I have about as much confidence in Dodge as I have in California lowering taxes and becoming business friendly.

    --The Reskinned Domestic Minivans (Acadia, Enclave, Traverse). Maybe I shouldn't throw them out so easily, but I don't know if I can ever trust them in the dirt. Plus I don't really trust anything domestic.

    Hate to give up the V8 and big comfort of the Sequoia, but the gas mileage at 15.9 is taking its toll and we just don't need that capacity any longer.

    You say?
  2. Owned both...won't buy an Outback again. Now drive a 2012 Tacoma and it already has over 50k. My butt and back haven't been angry once. Even with the extra clearance the Outback supposedly provides, I replaced 3 front bumpers from bottoming out. The final straw was a lost bumper on the MF Snoq. Rd.
  3. For what it's worth, I drive an '07 Impreza and I am not that impressed with the quality. My wife has a new Ford Edge with tow package and it's not a bad rig, Explorers look nice too.
  4. I bought a Acura MDX a few months ago, downsizing from a Tahoe. I love my Acura! It's a Great driving vehicle, capable of anything I want to do and it has plenty of power. I thought I'd really miss the size of the Tahoe, but I don't at all and it makes fairly frequent city driving a whole lot less stressful. Being that it's just a re-formed Honda Pilot, it hasn't disappointed me in terms of reliability. It's capable of towing a drift boat with ease, but I don't think it's rated for much more than that.

    The new Explorers seem great and the upper end ones at least get great millage.
  5. We considered both in 2012 and ended up with the Outback. The primary driver was gas mileage and cost. I love the new generation of 4Runners and wish we would have gone that route. We're about to be a family of 4 and camping in the Subaru won't be easy. I had that thing loaded down for a recent overnight raft trip down the Grande Ronde, complete with a hitch tray that held the cooler and dry box. I was amazed that we pulled it off. We won't be able to do the same with another kiddo. I'd like to have the additional 10-15 cu. ft. of the 4Runner.

    It has ~35k miles on it now and I've not had any issues (though the lift gate is a little slow at the top). We get around 19mpg in the city, up to 27 on the highway if we are lightly loaded. On the Grande Ronde trip, we got 22mpg.
  6. It's not exactly an SUV but, I drive a Volvo XC70, and have loved every single mile I have put on it. Comfortable on the road, capable on the dirt, drives like a sedan but spacious like an SUV. I get about 23-24mpg avg, that's if I am not babying it and on I-405 every day from Everett to Bellevue, (so you can imagine the stop and go traffic there) It doesn't have the same clearance as the XC90, but that wasn't the real draw for me. I have also driven the XC60 which I liked a lot as well, especially if you are looking for more of an SUV feel. I would have no problem driving this rig across country and back again.;)
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  7. Tough call. I was in the same dilemma. Had a 97 4Runner which I liked very much. I upgraded to a new 2001 Sequoia which was great. For its size, decent mileage and ride. Fit and finish were nice (Limited model) and it was quite for a SUV. I could hear the kids way back in the third row, no issue. I wanted something smaller, but able to tow, so bought a new 2007 4Runner Limited V8. Love that car! Not a heavy as the Sequoia so the ride isn’t as soft but still quite and nice fit and finish and with V8 and towing package I can pull up to 7000 lbs. The V8 adds 200 lbs in weight over the V6.

    I needed to get another SUV so I tested the new 4Runner. No V8, fit and finish aren’t the same and the ride is not to my liking. I looked on the internet and found a 2008 4Runner Limited with 23,000 miles in the Tri Cities. They stopped making the 4th generation 4Runner in 2009. Since it still had factory warranty at the time I bought it over the phone. Now I have 2 of them (both gold). I used the 2007 to tow my boat to FL (where she currently lives) and at 120,000 miles she still has lots of time left on her. The 2008 now has 36,000 miles on it.

    If you need to have new and cost is a big issue, look at the Lexus GX models.

  8. How has the reliability been? When I lived in the NW I bought a new Volvo sedan in 1973 and loved it. I moved down here, and 5 years later bought another one. That car…..well, I was on a first name basis with the service manager and he finally admitted he couldn't fix the electrical problems. I invoked the Lemon Law and they bought it back for $1500 less than I had paid almost three years before so we were square. Obviously soured me on Volvos so that's why I ask.
  9. 4 runner. They updated the engine recently with VVTI on the exhaust side on the and gave it a facelift this year. If you plan on doing a little bit of back country stuff/towing, it is one of the last SUVs (midsize) with a body on frame. I don't know if you plan on towing, but I would hesitate to tow anything with a unibody design. This is coming from a guy is a FJ cruiser, and has plenty of power to tow a 18ft fiberglass ski boat.

    The AWD system on the limited is great as long as you are not out "wheelin" but it does impact gas mileage and leaves you without the locking diff option.
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  10. This could be a lot easier. See what Ive has to say and go with it.
  11. Had the same thought.
  12. He bought a Dodge. His credibility on all things auto is gone.
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  13. I've been driving a 2014 4Runner w/V6 for nearly 3 months now. Averaging 19.8 mpg, and hitting 22 mpg on long road trips when I can set the cruise control and just flow down the freeway. Great power for a rig this size, and nice quiet, comfortable ride. Only knock I have on it is that the Toyota roofrack crossbars sit too close to the roof so I had to upgrade to Yakima/Whispbar crossbars.

  14. Weelll…….yes……just read his PM and told him I just can't do it. My daughter has a new Durango as a company car and pretty much has her own table at the service dept.

    Just got back from two test drives.

    The Jeep Grand Cherokee was very nice, and that new MoPar 8 speed tranny is the bomb. It's comfortable, has a ton of power, well finished. Very nice.

    Then I drove the 4Runner. Slightly underpowered, cheap interior, but I fell in love with the seating position, comfort, cargo capacity and drive which was even better than the Jeep. That is the one. Now it's just figuring out the ordering and knowing I have to wait 3-4 months to get it which is OK.

    I guess 25 years in body on frame vehicles as my daily won't let me enjoy a car based anything. I think it's the seating position and the capabilities. Anyway, hunt over. Thanks.
  15. The Grand Cherokee comes in an EcoDiesel. I just wish they weren't an arm and a leg.
  16. I have had a GMC Acadia for 3 years. I love the ride and comfort and room. Also, tow my drift boat. Gas mileage not so good at 17 around town and I get 21 on long road trips. Made 12 runs up the road to Chopaka so I know it holds up on gravel.. Have 76,000 on it and no problems. I will buy anotherwhen it is time. Had sububans for many, many years.
  17. I know you've made a choice, but did you look over a previously leased Lexus RX 450h? If you can afford them, it seemed to fit the bill for space, capability, and fuel economy since we can't get Toyota made diesels here in the states...
  18. Our first Lexus was an RX300. Sold it at 92,000 miles to my secretary (is that still on OK word?) who has over 250,000 on it now. Great vehicle but can't tow and not enough ground clearance.

    I think the Acadia deserves a look, and I appreciate the reminder. No Buick though! I would just have a very hard time getting back into a domestic and I'm not sure how well the minivan based vehicles tow?
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  19. Limited experience, but I have an 09 Taco which is, well, a truck. Floaty and bouncy at the same time. Recently rented a new Grand Cherokee and it was light years ahead in handling. My parents have an older Grand Cherokee and the interior on the new ones is a far far nicer place to be.
  20. +1 for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 2011 Overland V8 16.5 mpg city and 19.5+ Mpg on the freeway. The part that has sold me is that full sized humans can sit in the back seats from Seattle to Rocky Ford with no comfort issues. Some small issues but Jeep has always taken care of them no questions asked. Went through your same dilemma getting rid of a 2002 Tacoma V6. Loved the old 4runners but the new ones not so much..

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