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  1. Donna has a 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited. VERY nice rig for ride, fit and finish. But after just a year of driving (she got it May 2013), that 8-speed tranny is doing some really odd things in the lower end. Hard shifts, clunking and banging. A bit of grinding and vibrations at the bottom end of gears. Jeep says is all standard operating noises/processes. But we're a little nervous about this new sealed tranny. (Yes, sealed—there's no way to change or even check the transmission fluid because its a fully sealed system. Not even a dipstick.) Odds are good she'll be selling this rig well before the warranty runs out.
  2. I really liked the Jeep Grand Cherokee too. We've had two earlier models, both were OK. I had an old 3/4 ton Jeep truck years ago and that was a long ways from OK--the classic collection of parts--but it handled the Nevada desert sand bowls (Toyota Valley) better than any Toyota LC with the stock engine.

    The one I drove had a lot more features than the 4Runner and the tranny made it seem more powerful. It was a little nervous on the road though, while the 4Runner was solid and even more comfortable. I think the T4R has become somewhat bifurcated with the current generation--trying to soften up for the road while keeping their rock climbing ability. I'm fine with that, and for me it's a good fit. Don't care about more than one passenger as even a Suburban barely holds gear and pontoons for more than two of us. I think most people, especially those who haven't driven a truck/BOF SUV as a daily for years would prefer a unibody like the Jeep, and if for some reason that didn't work out, the Jeep would be a strong second.

    Our Taco is a 2012, current generation, and it's quite smooth, very pleasant to drive and ride in. My first vehicle was a 1966 Toyota Stout PU with rubber mats and a 4 speed on the column with a granny as 1st, so Toyota has come a long ways in their small trucks too. FWIW, I drove a new F-150 for awhile last week, and I have to say it was probably the most miserable vehicle I've ever driven. Drove big, no road manners, but looked great. I think I'm pretty ingrained in German or Japanese for enjoyable drivers. If BMW could build a car that could stay out of the shop after 50K, that's probably all I'd ever own.
  3. Uh…that was kind of our experience with our Jeeps. I have never seen them as 100K mile vehicles.
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  4. I own a MDX too and absolutely enjoy my experience with it so far (60k later). Fuel mileage is decent, ride level comfortable, AWD system excellent with a good set of winters. Ground clearance is a bit of a concern when dealing with steep terrain. Towing capacity of 5000lb, which isn't nearly enough to pull a trailer (figure 4000lb max and would recommend tailer brakes).
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  5. The MDX is what I want my wife to get instead of her Lexus. We took the Lexi on a 1500 mile road trip last year and it was miserable after a few hours. The MDX is very comfortable and has great visibility and will carry some stuff. Not for me, but perfect for "us" and of course her ;-)
  6. What are you going to sell your sequoia for?
  7. kbb says it's worth $8,000. We'll see. I would have guessed less. I ran it by the dealer today and he said it sounded right as it's a Limited 4WD. This is a car I WOULD sell to a friend or someone on here. I've had a few I wholesaled.

    Not quite ready yet as I don't know if I'm going to order a '14 or '15 (15s will hit the port 9/15), and I need to detail some stuff, BUT if someone up there wants it after seeing a lot of pics and some conversation, I'd drive it up to you in exchange for a day or two of guiding me on a good dry side lake. Sound fair? 2003, Limited 4WD V8 never wrecked or damaged, original owner, perfect shape mechanically and very good cosmetically, white/beige leather. 3 seats. Currently 178,000 miles and counting.
  8. I'd check craigslist to see what they are selling for. I just sold a 1999 4runner with 180k for $6500. It didn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it generated a lot of interest. 4Runners sell for way over book around here. I think this era of toyotas are widely regarded for their reliability and quality. $8k sounds like a great deal.
  9. Craigslist prices are higher, especially the pot lot dealers. Maybe $8k is where it sells. The Sequoia is odd in that they kind of lost it for gen 2. They were bigger, didn't drive as well, worse mileage (mine is 15.4 -15.9 trip computer) and look like a Dodge Caravan. The gen 1s (2001-2007) are all over still, but you hardly see any gen 2s. This still has the original floor mats and in decent shape. I give Toyota credit for that, not me. It's been a wonderful truck.
  10. Mine is an '03, with nothing more than regular maintenance and a new fly wheel. Are you still looking or settled on the Jeep? A buddy of mine was a jeep dealer and was unimpressed with what you got for what you paid but, he is a very opinionated guy. I havent driven or been in one, they are nice to look at though.
  11. As someone who has owned two Subarus and 3 Toyotas, stick with Toyota over Subaru. Subaru is not a particularly bad brand, it is just that Toyota is a great brand.

    I have to say, I don't understand selling your Toyota with only 180,000 imho. That is when I buy them :) Took my family to Yellowstone in a '97 Land Cruiser with over 300,000 mi. Sold that Land Cruiser with 330,000 miles to get into my current 2000 Land Cruiser with only 237,000 miles. Took a recent trip to a favorite fishing lake with family, camper and dog at 7,400 feet in elevation. And one of my other favorites was a 1986 Toyota Van that I sold with 375,000 mi.

    Keep your Sequoia, and get a her a new fly rod. LOL!

  12. Interested. As I said in a previous post, that is the mileage at which I buy them.
  13. If you're looking for features per dollar, Toyota loses every time. If it's features you're after, look at domestics or Hyundai. I tend to look at total cost of ownership, including resale and maintenance costs. My guess is Toyota is about the net cheapest vehicle on the road for those metrics. Factor in peace of mind and overall driver satisfaction and I don't think they can be beat overall.

    I think another factor is they tend to drive the same at 150,000 miles as they did at 150 miles. I don't think most vehicles can live up to that. This will be my 8th Toyota, including the Lexus's.
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  14. This is not my decision, it's my wife's strong request. While I've managed risk for a living forever, she is the most risk averse person ever and wants something new for road trips. You know the rest. Happy wife=happy life.
  15. Just like to mention you might look into a chip for the motor if you buy Toyota. If you can work it into the sale when new they really improve any of the motors that are brand new.

    Reviews from desert racers gave the Toyota v8 engine (with chip) by far the funnest and most awesome factory motor to drive off road, so it only goes to say on road would rock also!

    Benefits =
    faster throttle
    better breathing
    more horse power
    many times better gas mileage

    Many of the newer motors have restrained throttle bodies or injector pressures or "flaps" that will only open so fast and wont allow for faster fuel or air feed. Chips help with this and give the motor exactly what it needs to be "all it can be" A few years ago in driver or, off road magazine (can't remember which) the Toyota V8 trucks with chip, crushed all the competition in a pure fun to drive motor!
  16. We bought a '98 Forester when they first came out, still have it. My wife bought a 2010 Forester for herself and loves it. The only complaint about the 98 was road noise. The 2010 is much quieter, great road trip vehicle. I've done a little un-official rallying with the 98 and it holds up just fine...:eek: ask McRowdy:D. We've plowed snow with the undercarriage and it keeps on going...great tough little vehicles. JMHO.
  17. This will be a V6 (no more V8s for 4Runners) and for some reason I don't think we can use the chip here. Maybe it won't pass emissions, or maybe it voids the warranty, not sure. I looked into it a few years ago and that's what I remember.
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  18. Well, I would go with the supercharger option then------HA/JK
  19. You could just get an older 4runner and build your own. I know the trucks turn out very nice even with 412,000 miles on them, bought this one brand new and put all the miles on it! not to many places it wont tow my drifter. and a second motor of my choice! Just saying!!!

    marks-truck-april-2014-a-med.jpg marks-truck-april-2014-b-med.jpg marks-truck-april-2014-c-med.jpg
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  20. What a stud truck, Drifter. Love the lift and rims.

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