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  1. Thanks, and next is the Toyota 3.4 V6 with supercharger putting out 310 horse's. I have the 3.0 V6 now - Balanced-ported and polished heads-bored 20 over-headers- 529 gears-computer jetted - the list goes on and the limit is the sky---;-)~
  2. I'm not going to do what you did, but I am going to buy a semi-strippy (SR5 Premium to get the fake leather seats) and will add rims and tires and some kind of running boards that will punch up a plain jane white truck a little. I would lift it but I'm afraid the ride comfort for trips would be compromised.
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  3. We bought a 2013 Acadia. It has more ground clearance than my 1/2 ton GMC truck, the V6 has more power too. It also gets better gas mileage. Towed our trailer all the way to portland with a car topper and all the kids, we still got 17 mpg.
  4. I know the new jeep is supposed to be the hotness. However, I usually wait atleast until the second year production model on radically changed/updated/new vehicles. Reason being you get a better feeling about quality from other owners and it gives the car company a chance to address issues. 4runner all the way. I don't like the front end of the limited edition but the sr5 looks great. Also check this out!! TRD PRO 4runner. Ugly color though.[​IMG]
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  5. Actually I love that color! They are offering this package for the Taco, T4R, and Tundra in 2015. There's no pricing on these yet, but the dealer offered to order one for me and then let me see if I like it. Again, I'm concerned about the ride with the knobby tires. I do like the design a lot though--the less plastic and chrome accents the better. Might look good in white too.

    The T4R Limited has this huge chrome bar across the front. Hate it. The Trail has a cheap looking plastic bar too. The SR5 is solid color--my choice.
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  6. Those are goodyear duratracs. I have a set and they are the quietest all terrain tire I have ever had. Those tires are quickly replacing the BFG T/A KO for the go to offroad tire. However, who knows what tire they will actually come with at the dealer. Here is a pic of my rig. I'm not a crazy fan of the yellow, but it is growing on me.

    +1 on the white.

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  8. I think the yellow is OK. I would probably reverse the tires. It needs some blacked out accents.

    On the off road tires, the road noise can be annoying. I usually just run M+S. They don't look as good but get me over the pass legally in the winter (no studded tires in CA), and are fine on the road.
  9. Oh, yeah, I got the SR5 model.
  10. I wanted a suv that fit through my garage door, could tow my boat
    and got reasonable gas milage. Narrowed it down to 4Runner and
    Grand Cherokee. The T4R had more space which was important to
    me, so got a T4R.

    So far, I'm happy with the choice I made. I still feel a little bit like
    I'm herding cats down the hiway, but it meets most of my needs,
    ie gas mileage, towing, hauling float tubes and gear for 2 fly fishers.

    So, our needs are about the same. For whatever reason I thought it handled beautifully on the surface streets and the freeway. I've read about complaints; I just didn't see it. It was definitely more secure than the Jeep.
  11. Tire wise, you guys might like the Michelin LTX M/S 2's. They were actually a design JV between Toyota and Michelin specifically for the Landcruiser in the early 90's, and have been updated since, in the late 00's. I have a set on my 92 cruiser (after I wore a set of the BFG T/A KO's out), and they're quiet, throw less rocks than the BFG's and are plenty capable offroad (even though they just look like a light truck tire.)

    ...all this fishing/travel/camp rig talk, I'm such an eccentric, I've been thinking lately about an older 4runner with the removable hardtop that I would freshen up, but I've seen a surge of shops importing the older diesel hilux's and surfs' (diesel 4 runner) and think those would be cool as hell to have too.
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  12. If this vehicle were dedicated for huntin' 'n fishin' 'n boatin' 'n 'campin' (thank you Albert Brooks for "Rewriting the National Anthem"), and not for trips and general purpose, I'd either get an older T4R and build it, or more likely, the original Ford Bronco with removable hard top--if one could be found. Those were a high school kid's wet dream back then.
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  13. 318667_10150876989240527_1627514296_n.jpg you mean like this? =)
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  14. Yep, like that!
  15. 1934603_10150920472510527_306580173_n.jpg also, here is a picture of a 86 sammy with a volkswagen diesel that my brother put together =) turbo diesel mMmMmm
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  16. Awesome. I have next to no talent for car restos--boats I can do OK. Jealous ;-)
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  17. I've posted before how unimpressed I am with my last two Toyotas.
    Under-engineered compared to my other cars.
    My 2006 Tacoma doublecab 4X4 needed:
    New springs all the way around, and I'm not talking '19 year old wants a lifted mall cruiser'. It literally rode on the frame rails in back. Known issue. Toyota issues 'Technical Service Bulletins' instead of recalls, that way they only have to replace the springs on vehicles under warranty.
    Do a search for 'Frame rail rusting out'.....That will alter your Toyota quality perspective.
    New radio...3 times. Finally, I just bought a $99 JVC unit and was amazed at the upgrade.
    My alloy wheels after 3 years look like they were a corrosion test bed.
    People point at them and say WTF....Toyota laughs and says 'you're out of warranty'. Never had that happen on a VW, Dodge, or Jeep.
    The 6sp manual tranny is another engineering fail....2500 rpm at 70mph is ridiculous.
    I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee that was a much better on and offroad vehicle and required no re-engineering and was extremely reliable.
    I would buy a Dodge 1500 diesel and put a shell on the bed and have a much better rig.
    If I had to have an SUV, it would be a Jeep Gr Cherokee.

    Toyota is brutally over-rated.
  18. I think we have opinions based on our experiences. Obviously ours are different with the Toys.

    I do have fond memories of the one Dodge I owned. It was I think a 1952 sedan, and I bought it for $25 when I was a freshman at Willamette. Actually five of us bought it for $5. That included the parking permit than only locals could have in the dorms. It had some weird Fluid Drive or something tranny, a fake vinyl roof made from black contact paper, but we bought it for the comfort and convenience of the very large and commodious mohair seats, front and back.

    For the less fortunate freshmen lacking a wheeled motel room, it was also quite a profitable hourly rental for us too.

    We never drove it except for short beer runs, except once when I decided to take it up to Portland. It made it to the Woodburn exit and started spewing fluid from somewhere. I pulled the reg and the plates, threw them in a trash can, and hitchhiked home, never heard from anyone nor saw the beloved Dodge again. Oh how I miss her…and her…
  19. I guess I missed the part about this being a Toyota love-a-thon...:D
  20. $.02
    A quick scan of the thread I saw no suggestion for an Explorer. I wonder how many are like me and completely miss the '11 redesign. Completely new rig, might be right next to you at the light and you don't realize it. Anyway had a 2014 rental (granted fully loaded) last month in MO and really liked it. It will be something I look at when my Dakota finally craps out.

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