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  1. Just curious. I'm in the exact same situation and was thinking about buying a 2010-2012 land cruiser over a new 4runner. The 4s seem super nice but the LC's are in another league.
  2. Drive one first, Jesse, you might not like it. You'll have less much usable storage space and really crappy rear seating. It rides ROUGH. What you will have is inarguable prestige, and a fine, classic, vehicle that will go anywhere and might even outlive you. It's also a good tow vehicle if that's a concern.

    If you're really intrigued, consider not a 2010 but a 2000 or so. The 2010 with some miles on it will probably cost you more than the new 4R (mine will run about $36K, SR5 Premium), but for around $15K in our area you can get one with 100K which will be about the same vehicle as the new ones as they went heritage long ago.

    I didn't look at them this time, but did when I bought the Sequoia. It wasn't the price--it was the ride and utility for my needs that put me off.

    Edit: Well, maybe the ride has gotten better. Read a couple of reviews after I posted and they liked the ride. Last one I drove was a 2003 and it was very rough.
  3. I haven't read through the entire thread, so apologies if this is redundant. But to the OP, a Sequoia with 180K miles probably has at least another 120K (or more) safe, trustworthy miles on it if it has been maintained and hasn't been a lemon. I'm on my fourth Toyota since '83 in one form or another, all having had 250K to 320K nearly trouble-free miles. My current camry has 320K and NOTHING other than routine maintenance. Amazing.
  4. Dan-I followed Ive's lead and bought a Dodge 1500. I've been a loyal GMC fan for about 15 years but I have to say, this truck is flat out awesome. I'm getting the same mileage as your 4Runner, but I can tow 10,800 lbs with 420 ft/lbs, torque an 8 speed transmission, 380 hp. Consumer Reports rates it a best buy, and with the car like ride, I don't think you can beat it! My wife bought a Chrysler 300C (luxury car) a couple years ago and it has bee flawless (replaced a Toyota Avalon with 120K on it and it is a so much better car!)! I think the Mercedes ownership (now gone) made a huge difference in the quality of Dodge/Chrysler products. I used to be a big fan of Toyota but come on-20 mpg from a V6-they should be 25 mpg at least. I used to have a prejudice toward US made cars, but take another look-they are beating the pants off Toyota, Nissan etc. I sold my 2007 Volvo XC 90 for the Dodge truck and I get better mileage, way better power, and I can tow any trailer I want with it! Now Ive got the V6, which gets about 3 mpg better than mine, but I have a recently purchased 30' Airstream that is GVW rated at 8500 and that is well below the GVW trailer rating of my new truck. Rick
  5. I rented a 2013 LC for a week in vegas on business. I was really impressed by the power of that v8. It is kind of scary how fast that big ass vehicle can go. It feels like an elephant on fire. The around town handing was really nice, super comfy, and definitely in the luxury realm. I also voided the rental agreement and took it off roading. There's not much that can stop that thing. I thought the auto crawl mode was a joke. But, in practice it's jaw dropping. It just cruised over ice chest sized boulders with ease. They are insane vehicles. The only downside I see is the price - around 50k for one with 40k miles on it. But, once I'm done tricking out a 4 runner online with all the gizmos that I like I get to around 44k.
  6. With my newly acquired 4runner I now have 3 Toyotas in the driveway with a cumulative total of 478,000 miles. I know the complete history on the runner and the truck. Not sure about the history of the car but I acquired it at 99k and now have over 200k on it. Total repairs? The car busted an a-arm bushing.
    Enjoy your Dodges. The people I know with Dodges have had serious problems...4.7 liters with oil pumps shitting the bed, 360's with cracked heads, front end rebuilds on ALL the pickups. All common.My favorite is the guy that kept taking his new Ram 1500 with a 4.7 back for engine noise. The dealer eventually took it back as a lemon when they dropped the oil pan and found nuts and bolts in it.
    Positive remarks from Consumer Reports might make you feel better, but it won't roll your odometer for hundreds of thousands of miles.
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  7. Does anyone pay any attention to the JD Power surveys ?
    I've used them to bash Landrover owners for years, but now that Mitsubishi are nearer to the bottom I have to shut-up..:confused::D

  8. All good news for you. Glad you found something that serves you well. But the original poster asked about SUVs and specifically referenced 4RUNNERS, so I tried to provide useful information to aid him.
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  9. As the OP, I'm totally grateful for the variety of opinions and suggestions. Dodge may be getting more reliable, but it seems early to really know. I think Ram is the best looking truck on the road, and the Durango is the best value for size, power, and features on paper in the crossover lineup. We do have one in the family as I mentioned, and it's been anything but trouble free so I'm passing. What I DO know is that if the 4Runner doesn't work out after a couple of years I can off it and lose very little money, comparatively. It's a big step down in size for us, so I don't know, but other than the Taco its resale can't be beat.

    I tend to keep cars for 5-10 years; I'm on year 11 for the Sequoia and if it were up to me I wouldn't sell it, but it's not. Wife wants me to get something new for road trips, so we are. Not liking the gen 2 Sequoias at all, the Runner seems like the best alternative at this point. If I can ever convince her that camping is actually enjoyable (not looking good so far), then I'd look for something with better towing capacity. For now, the little guy should be OK as it's pretty clear I'll be camping on my own for awhile. FWIW, Consumer Reports hates the 4Runner, loves the Jeep and the Durango, in spite of the reliability record, as does most of the automotive press. I think our priorities are different.
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  10. I think J.D. Powers is pay to play, so I would not pay much attention to them, and I don't think you need them to bash Rovers--you've got the owners for that. I can't own a Rover because I don't think our zoning will allow another accessory dwelling we'd need for the live-in mechanic ;)
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