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  1. Just another newbie question. What do most folks here use for tippet/leader material. I have done some searching of previous post and have a pretty good ideal on how to tie them up but, I'm still wondering what some of the brand names (For Material) that folks are using....
    Thanks for the Help!!!!
  2. I use Maxima UltraGreen (softer) or Chameleon (more abrasion resistant and stiffer)except that I'll use flourocarbon in 5x for small nymphs (size 18 or 20) when I'm fishing for big trout on tailwaters or spring creeks and sometimes I'll use 4x flourocarbon for slightly bigger nymphs because it sinks better. I fish a lot and go through a lot of tippet material. There may be a better material but it is certainly more expensive and not that much better in my book to warrant the extra cost.

  3. just remember, throw 'em back

    try using flourocarbon tippet when fishing nymphs or streamers because it sinks like a rock and it's virtually invisible to fish. this same quality makes it quite annoying when fishing dry flys. i like to use tapered leaders when dry fly fishing because it seems like they lay down better without too much slapping (maybe it's just me). you can get tapered leaders for a good price from Cabelas (http://www.cabelas.com). If getting tapered leaders for dry fly fishing make sure you don't get flourocarbon because of its sinking qualities, get monofiliment. another good investment is dry fly flotant which helps your flys stay on the surface for longer without getting water logged. you can't go wrong with Gink's (also in Cabelas). just my $.02
  4. I have been using rio's flurorocarbon tippet (fluoroflex)and some seaguar brand. For wet fishing I usually primarily use 5x. I have caught some big rainbows with this stuff and not had a problem with breakoffs. I did buy some flouroflex plus which is more expensive and supposed to be stronger than flouroflex but had a definite problem with the 5x with breakoffs. I called the shop that I had bought it from and they had pulled theirs from the shelf due to similar problems.

    I have not tried the less expensive material described above because this is working for me (that may work too).

    One note- I do better with a blood knot as opposed to a double surgeons (or triple) with the fluorocarbon.

    I do not do alot of dry fly fishing and wonder if other people like to avoid using fluorocarbon for dry fly fishing?



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