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  1. So I was wondering every ones take on this. I am sure this seems a little odd but I ask because I believe some are better than others. I have been using some cheap cortland stuff you can get at walmart and it works ok but I notice that it will twist up and I figure that is because its not top of the line. So I figured that I could get ppl's opinion on what the feel is the best, that way when I go to change I can make sure I get something that is not bunching up. Hate when my hoppers are next to a nice little wad of line but I swear that the fish try to take it to sometimes.
  2. I just use mono (usually Maxima) or if I want it to sink I use fluorocarbon. Is that a mistake????????? It seems to work well for me.
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  3. I've had good luck with Rio, both mono and flouro.
  4. Most folks will have their favorites, whether it is based on any particular evidence or not.

    If you are getting twisting on your tippet, it may not be the fault of the tippet. You may be using a fly that is too large for the tippet, or the way the hackle is tied may be causing it to propeller (or a combination of these two); both can cause tippet to twist up.

    I only think it matters much at the very small diameter when fishing for trout. I carry Maxima ultragreen in the larger sizes and a couple of different brands at 6X.

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  5. So what do you recommend to get this to stop happening. I mean some times you need 6 or 7 x and a bigger fly?
  6. Fish more
    and pay really close attention to what Richard just told you.
    Check your X factor and begin with a larger diameter maybe.
    When you fish you need to watch what's going on
    with your line
    fly (how's it swimming?)
    water change
    It's difficult to watch all of it without practice
    It's what I do while I'm not catching fish - so I get a lot of practice.
    If it's coiling up make sure there is no spin
    But he just said that
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  7. So would it be a good idea if I let it unwind every once in a while?
  8. Maxima ultra green and franken stein my pwn leaders
  9. better to fix it
  10. I like the ultra-green
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  11. yes
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  12. Also I am talking about 5 and 6 x. For trout fishing
  13. One of the old ways of determining proper tippet size was to divide the size of the fly by 3. So if you are throwing a size 10 hopper then a 3x tippet would be proper.

    It sounds like you are trying to throw hoppers on a big hook on 6x or 7x. With that you will always get twist because the tippet is too small in diameter to turn over the fly.
  14. If you are trying to use 5-6 X you need to be using an 18-24 hook size. I suspect that is your problem...step up to 3 X for those hoppers!
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  15. I have been throwing hoppers on 6x. Size 8,10 so that is what I have been doing wrong thanks foe the help. Don't I have to worry about the fishing getting spooked by using bigger tippets? I thought that was the point in using the smaller ones?
  16. I really like Frog Hair.
  17. The smallest tippet I carry is 5x, and I usually use 4x or larger for trout. I know there are places where 6x or 7x are commonly used, but have found that a good presentation is usually what matters. Except in really technical situations - hoppers not being one - you can get away with the bigger tippet diameter, and you can land and release them faster so less stress on the fish.
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  18. I use Sci Anglers. Been using it for years. I've tried others but always come back to the first one. I fish mostly 5x, But I carry it all from 3x to7x.
  19. NOW you guys tell me that leaders come in different sizes besides
    20# test.
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  20. 5x is usually good for dry flies up to size 14 for me. Any bigger and its 3/4x. I reserve 6x for fishing midges and spinner falls and the like. And in my opinion 7x-8x is pretty much useless most of the time, even with educated brown trout.
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