`tis the season for misery

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Alex MacDonald, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. The talented Ms Rutherford was kind enough to share her recipe for chicken soup, and since we're entering the season of "gifts"-especially for those of us who have small children, bringing home every disease known to man-I thought I'd share the family recipe for colds...The MacDonald Toddy.

    This has been in my family since at least the 1600's: in a large, earthenware mug, put three fingers of boiling spring water, three fingers of a Highland single malt-a Highland blend will work today as well. Add a large amount of honey, several cloves, a pinch of nutmeg, juice of half a fresh lemon, and stir it all well with a cinnamon stick. Drink as soon as you can handle the heat.

    For the non scotch-drinkers: a Highland whisky has little peat taste and no "iodiney" taste, like an Islay malt would have . The house scotch here is Famous Grouse.

    Of course it goes without saying: "Mura bith e Albanach, se cac a bhios ann"!--if it ain't Scottish, it's crap:D
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  2. Alex, Thanks for the Rx. A daily dose of "the low flyer" helps to keep the "bad-bugs" down at our castle. Cheers! Bob
  3. Oh that’s definitely in the desert category. A slice of apple or pumpkin pie a scoop of ice cream, a bear rug, a hot fire, story time with Orson Wells, pour me another drink, oh shit I am on my lips……….:beathead:
    Nice going Alex:thumb:
  4. Alex-I will be drinking a wee dram of the Famous Grouse on my upcoming trip to Montana as it is a staple of that week long trip!
  5. Nothing wrong with Famous Grouse. Though I find myself drinking Cutty Sark as my "easy drinking not real pricey" scotch.
  6. Alex, that is very similar to the recipe for Teton Tea we used back in the 60's when we were poor rock climbers. We couldn't afford the single malt and eschewed the water instead using rotgut burgundy bought in a gallon jug. The other ingredients were about the same though. Even with cheap wine it was a pleasent tonic as the lemons, sometimes oranges, cloves, honey, nutmeg and cinimmon sticks tended to mask the deficiencies of the low grade booze. Particularly nice on cold fall outings.

  7. Great! I'm writing that one down for the cold fall days that loom. Thanks!
  8. Alex, I can hardly wait to get sick now. I used to take a shot of Crown to sooth a sore throat right before bedtime.
  9. Not being from a noble heritage as Alex, I'll stick with the poor working mans remedy "The Swiss Bitch" a half cup of hot water ,one packet of Swiss Miss & two large shots of Everclear
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  10. That was three fingers measured in a glass boot, right? :)
  11. Sounds great. Methinks not many will wait for a cough or runny nose to try that one.
  12. Great recipe! I've used it for some time. I'm not sure if it cures the cold, but it sure makes you feel better.....especially after 3 or 4.......I take it as a preventive measure....
  13. O.K. Men, being ill is no time to be thrifty. The cure here is Edradour Single Malt Highland scotch. Handmade in Scotland's smallest distillery. Only 12 casks per week are produced for the fortunate few who are lucky to consume it. Grab a glass, pour three fingers of said product and consume at a pleasurable pace (neat). Any questions?
  14. Alex, my wife just harvested 2 1/2 gallons of wild honey. I can't think of a better way to use some.

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