Today's Local News: What happens when a mine has a catastrophic failure into a large river?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jeremy Floyd, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Jeremy Floyd

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  2. Ed Call

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    Damn. This sounds very bad.
  3. jwg

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    pond is clearly an understatement
    These waste reservoirs should not be called ponds, which indicates, small.

    this had to be something huge.

    bad news indeed.

  4. Jmills81

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    fak dude. sorry
  5. jeff bandy

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    Article stated 1/4 of Fraiser river sockeye come from there. Not good.
  6. Abomb

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    This really is the shits, and will have a greater impact than just locally I am afraid. Vibes man.

    Pond my ass, try lake.
  7. Salmo_g

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    It seems like virtually every open pit, cyanide heap leach mine in the world pollutes its surrounding environment. The differences being, how much and how badly they pollute. I hope the damage from this one to fisheries is minimal.
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  8. Jeremy Floyd

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    When puget sound is filling on the incoming tide, you will get a small percentage of the local effluent from the Fraser... Eventually
  9. Tyler Axel

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    Wow, I'm sorry to see that. Hopefully they can minimize the impact on the rivers/fish and hold that mining company accountable.
  10. Jeremy Floyd

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    I have friends that work at that mine. I have been hearing the bragging for years that they are scooping out $75K worth of nickel each scoop with the excavators. I hope the mining company gets the bill for everything that unfolds. Especially since this is now at the expense of the people.
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  11. DennisE

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    Hope they do more about this than they've been doing about the raw sewage from Victoria!
    Unless it directly affects First Nations, and they proceed to sue the Canadian and provincial governments and everybody else involved, I suspect there will be nothing really happening but hand wringing.
  12. Dennis Thomas

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    The Blackfoot River upstream from Missoula was devastated by mining many years ago. It was almost sterile and many people gave it up for dead. The TU chapter, local fisherman and the Montana WF&G worked together to revive the river to the shape that it is in today. If not for their efforts, that great river would have been a graveyard.
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  13. Greg Armstrong

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    ... “This is a serious incident that should not have happened,” Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett said Tuesday. “We are devoting every appropriate resource working with local officials to clean up the site, mitigate any impacts to communities and the environment, and investigate the cause of the breach. We will determine the cause of the event and we are determined to prevent an incident like this from happening again."
    ..... and Blah, Blah, Blah... on and on it goes.
    Haven't we heard this B.S. before?
    And this is what a Canadian Mining Co. wants to put in at Mazama on the Methow!!!
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  14. Derek Young

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    During a trip this past April on the Blackfoot, my party was stopped by a F&W agent who informed us not to eat the fish in the Blackfoot; it had been discovered that the lumber mill in Bonner had unknowingly been polluting the water and contaminant levels in the fish made them unsafe to eat. It fished well and don't take trout anyways.

    Hearing that locally too?

  15. Dennis Thomas

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    As you know, the mining industry in the Rocky Mtn states is still a very powerful industry with a lot of political power. This will never change. The industry is threatening fisheries like the Clark Fork, Yellowstone and the Blackfoot as we speak and the only thing that is slowing them down is the legislation by national environmental groups. It is always portrayed as the environment vs. jobs and it is something that local communities will stand and fight for. When the mine in Troy, Mt closed and then the mill in Libby, MT closed 20 years ago, the unemployment in Libby shot up to about 34%. Both industries blamed the environmentalists, when in actuality it was a combination of low profits for both businesses and poor management. The mining industry has had free rains in this neck of the woods for several generations and getting changes made for environmental reasons moves like the glaciers.
  16. Rob Allen

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    i am sure that mining company had paperwork for bankruptcy while the breach was happening... just like what happened on the East Fork Lewis.. and the gravel mine there... my guess is they get away scott free...

    Now who can blame the tribe up on the Skeena for kicking those people out
  17. Jeremy Floyd

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  18. Jeremy Floyd

    Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

    Here is what was dumped into the effluent pond in the fiscal year 2013..

    Mount Polley mine on-site disposal in 2013:
    • Arsenic (and its compounds): 406 tonnes
    • Lead (and its compounds) 177 tonnes
    • Nickel (and its compounds) 326 tonnes
    • Vanadium (except when in an alloy): 5,047 tonnes
    • Zinc (and its compounds): 2,169 tonnes
    • Cadmium (and its compounds): 6 tonnes
    • Cobalt (and its compounds): 475 tonnes
    • Phosphorus (total): 41,640 tonnes
    • Copper (and its compounds): 18,413 tonnes
    • Antimony (and its compounds) 14 tonnes
    • Manganese (and its compounds): 20,988 tonnes
    • Mercury (and its compounds): 3 tonnes
    • Selenium (and its compounds): 46 tonnes
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    Yummy !
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    Corporations do a pretty good job of containing their impacts...
    until they don't.