Toddler Fishing Help + Panfish in King/Snoho/Kitsap?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JayB, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Hey:

    1)I've got a little (2.5) girl that my wife and I would love to take out for a short, snack and toy filled trip to a local lake for a quick, action packed fishing trip while the weather is still good and a lake with a healthy panfish population would be just the ticket.

    PM's are fine, and I promise not to spoil your spot with any online reportage whatsoever, much less personally profit from hosting fly-in trips to hitherto secret locations where well-heeled anglers can horn in on all of the highly sought-after 4" panfish action.

    2)Any insights you wished you'd had when you started the same process would be appreciated. My basic approach with all of my hobbies has been to try to prioritize the fun, bring lots of snacks, and call it quits when she's lost-interest/tired/etc but any other wisdom would be appreciated. "Learn to use the search bar..." will probably be the first, and possibly the best suggestion but feel free to chime in with whatever you've got.

    3)I know the odds - cultural, biological, etc - are stacked massively against her developing a lifelong interest in fishing, but through nature, nurture, or some mix of the two she seems to have an interest in fishing for the time being (when I asked her what she dreamed about the other day, she told me that the two of us went down to the river and caught a brown trout with an olive woolly bugger - which was either *really* what she dreamed about or she has an uncanny ability to manipulate her daddy's emotions at a young age) so I'll do what I can to encourage that as long as it lasts.

    I think at last count there were roughly 1.98x10^98 identical fatherly delusions that have gone down in flames, so I'm fully prepared for the 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999% probability that the same thing will happen here - but then again, there are exceptions, like the one that made this video for her dad.....

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  2. There was a similar thread recently. I suggested then, and still suggest Pine Lake in Sammamish. There is a dock to fish from along with a convenient play area when the inevitable boredom sets in.
  3. Thanks to both of you for the tips. Appreciate it!
  4. Jay:

    The lake I know best for spinys doesn't have much of a public access, so I really don't have a suggestion.

    But, I do have to say you have the right attitude for taking a young one out. They are the priority and when they ain't having a good time, fishing or not, time to pack it in.

    Nice video....

  5. I too have been searching for a lake or pond with easy access to stunted spiny ray panfish. It's not easy to find in Western WA. I grew up near Chicago where pretty much every puddle was full of sunfish and bullheads, and often more. Not the same here. Even Pine Lake, I've found, really isn't the kind of fast action you need to get kids interested and keep them interested. The closest lake I found that fits this description is at a Cub Scout camp called Camp Edwards which is a few miles from Lake Roessinger (sp?). That was fast action, but you need to be enrolled in a camp there. Anyway, the thing I do with my kids is check the lake stocking reports for trout, then take them out on our big raft (set up as a "drift raft") to troll for stockers.
  6. Fazon Lake in Whatcom county will fill the bill on the right day.
  7. I can't help with pan fishing advice or locales, but I'm glad to hear she has dreams that involve Olive Woolly Buggers.
  8. That's no accident!:)
  9. The perch fishing in Lake Washington is supposed to be about as good as it gets right now...
  10. Logboom Park at the north end of Lake Washington. There's a fishing pier surrounded by stunted perch. As an added bonus, there's a playground right next to the parking lot.
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  11. +1 for Logboom Park. Perch, gills and small bass. Even picked a few crappies. We've had our best luck near the area when you first get to the main part of the dock. The shallow water at the right side can be a lot of fun. A few snags but manageable. Just be mindful of the backcasts. Have caught a few "bigger" bass (10" to 15") casting next to the dock, especially casting toward the entrance. Have seen guys casting plastics catch some really nice bass there.

    The directions make more sense if you take a look on Google Maps. Feel free to PM for clarification.

    My 6 year old daughter likes catching NPM. Her best was pushing 18" taken on a brown BHWB. Should have seen her face.
  12. Hicks lake used to be infested with small perch and sunfish 20 years ago... might be worth a shot.. was some nice bass in there as well.
  13. +1 for log boom. It's where I take church kids (although on gear) for fast action. A 12yrd caught a carp one year we were there. 4lb line and a panfish rod.
  14. Thanks to everyone for the information! Really appreciate it.
    I will probably try to take her out to one of the places mentioned above tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Could wind up just being a quick boat ride and a trip the the playground at this age, but I'll have the Barbie pole ready to go....

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