Too Early for Hood Canal?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by daveypetey, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. daveypetey

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    My dad is dead set on catching some fish before he leaves town Thursday morning, and we have been out 2 days over the weekend with nothing to show for it. What he really wants to catch are a few SRC's (has yet to catch one), and he read the Doug Rose article in the current Northwest Flyfishing and is convinced that we should be making the trek over to Hood Canal tomorrow to throw some chum fry patterns. What do you guys think? Too early? Any recs on where to head? Posts or PM's would be greatly appreciated, and will be responded to with good details of the trip. :D

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  2. Jim Wallace

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    Go for it. You have nothing to lose! Too early? Too late? Not at all.

    These are Searun Cutthroat. They don't know how to read, and no one ever told them where they are supposed to be at any given time. Some of them are mavericks.
    Have you not been reading all these current reports? Some of our fellow cutthroat anglers here are having great success! Gurus and newbies. Go for it!:D

    Maybe have some other patterns with you, like a squimp, popsickle, conehead squid, white ghost, rolled muddler, Leland's popper, Roger's top water gurgler, etc just in case they aren't into the Chum fry yet.
  3. daveypetey

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    Looking at Google maps now. :D Tide also looks good.

    There is a lot of 101 against the Canal with no homes between. Is this all easement land that can be accessed?
  4. Mike T

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    If by "easement land" you mean state land that's accessible then no. You'll see a lot of no trespassing signs. There's 50' of access in Union then some on the Skokomish.
  5. miyawaki

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    You can always try Belfair, Twanoh. Potlatch, or Dosewallips State Parks. All you need is a Discover Pass and there's always parking, clean bathrooms and lots of beach which are virtually empty this time of year. There might be a few searuns about.

  6. daveypetey

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    Well it went great. 4 resident Coho and 1 SRC. Very happy with the results. All my fish to hand were on chum-ish type fry patterns.
  7. doublebluff

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    Well done- great job getting your dad out.
  8. Dipnet

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    Well, exactly where and exactly which pattern and what type of line and type of retrieve????

    Just kiddin' buddy!! ;)

    Way to put your dad on some fish. That's gotta feel pretty good!!!! Hopefully he'll keep you in the will! :D
  9. daveypetey

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    Near bridges is a good hint. Also the patterns we used were all chum fry imitations, really fast retrieve, then pause, then BAM!
  10. Lance

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    You had a pretty helpful guide getting you into those fish huh? ;)
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  11. daveypetey

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    FOR SURE! Anyone one here looking for a great guide for the sound give Lance a holler. True pimp of fishing guides.
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