NFR trail cam 2013

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  1. So I discovered that there are elk and deer in Washington
  2. trail1.jpg [/ATTACH] trail6.jpg trail7.jpg trail9.jpg trail11.jpg trail41.jpg

    Pic bull antler growth

    On pic three can see antler growth

    New born fawn in last pic

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  3. trail62.jpg [/ATTACH] trail18.jpg

    Twins and Last pic after a very heavy rain
  4. Many more to follow....
  5. smile you're on candid camera elksmile.jpg
  6. Send me the location. I'd be happy to keep the batteries fresh for you.
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  7. Photogenic little rascal . . . thanks for sharing, Tom.
  8. Neat stuff, Tom.
  9. Trail cams are such fun...curious little buggers, aren't they?
  10. Awesome! I love looking at trail cam pics
  11. Yup, cute little tasty critters. Sure, they are there now, but come the opener of season and they won't be anywhere around. They seem to know when season opens and head for the safety of National Parks or game preserves.
  12. Bears and cougars too.
    CDY_0217.jpg CDY_0004.JPG
  13. BAby got back

    Bull checking out backside of a cow trail100.jpg
  14. siesta trail68.jpg
  15. trail76.jpg

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