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Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by triploidjunkie, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. summer 2013 044.jpg summer 2013 047.jpg summer 2013 048.jpg summer 2013 054.jpg summer 2013 058.jpg summer 2013 060.jpg summer 2013 066.jpg summer 2013 069.jpg summer 2013 081.jpg summer 2013 084.jpg Finally able to upload a few pics
  2. You caught a wide variety of FUN there!
  3. One of these days I need to go out there and do that, I was walleye and northern fishing last week up in ND and saw some monster carp in the shallows. They were so large I didnt dare take a shot at them with a 6 wt!
  4. Carp look like a kick in the ass to catch, I don't care what anyone says. lol
  5. Great day on the flats!!! I finally made it over to Mr.P's blog and decided to tie up one of his carp carrots. Man, if there was ever a "magic carp fly", this is it. Five carp landed, and a sixth lost in the first hour. I targeted only mirror carp the second hour and missed one good take.
  6. Dang, I'm gonna have to head north, I reckon. Epic fail this morning . . . first fav spot was to hot & I suspect low O2 content. 2nd had a few fish, but far between. Hit 1 little one, a shaker LM, and a small Channel Cat. So much for my 3-mile round-trip fishing holes. Time to wander. The Carp Carrot can be deadly.
  7. How'd you slip that peacock picture in there with the carp? LOL
  8. I wish it was a peacock. I've never been anywhere it was even an option, that I know of. If you're referring to the fifth picture, the fish with the red eyes, it's a tench(tinca tinca) They are actually a member of the carp family. The pic in my avatard is of a different one I caught.
  9. Sweet pics. Carp look so damn fun to me! I really need to stop playing with the salmon long enough to try to find some sometime.
  10. Hey trip, how do you fish for tench...same as carp?
  11. Pretty much. I think I would do better with a damsle or grubby looking nymph, but so far they seem to like smallish carp flies, especially carp carrots. I haven't seen one tench my last few trips out. I think they're holed up in the seaweed.
  12. I don't see any trash fish here. Especially the Smallies. BTW I've fished for Carp on the fly and I've seen and landed lots of big carp but it has always puzzled me why I've never seen any small ones. Can anyone shed light on this cosmic mystery?
  13. recently found a new spot in the river by my house with some big squaw fish, so I been entertaining myself catching them after work lately. Don't know if I'll ever get the river cleaned up enough for the trout to move back in, but that's my goal, and in the mean time, getting a lot of casting practice in, and introducing a few friends to fly fishing to boot.

    Come spring time, I should have enough to plant with the veggies in the garden.
  14. Corn Fly? Or Hot-Dog? Don't dig pig.
  15. I don't like cops either.
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  16. I like cops (now), and pig.
    Anyway, fun pics. Thanks

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