Treaty Fishing on the Stillaguamish

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  1. That post that you quoted was not meant for you. I should have sent it in a pm to the "individual". Aplologies to the rest of you.

    Jason you may or may not be aware of this, but you are not the first PR rep to hit this forum over the years so excuse me if I came across as less than optimistic. 100% of the time it historically has ended in useless talk, banter, and bullshit. That is the bullshit I was referring to. I realize I need to work on my delivery, so I will be sure to strap on my "Politically Correct Seattleginaese language filter" before speaking going forward to avoid further confusion.

    Any way, That's awesome that you got the state and feds to kick in and you're keeping access public. Congrats. And I will contact you once I get those properties lined up.

    Mumbles, did you really just bust out an obscure "caveman" refernce?
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  2. I know, but the above quote was directed at me and the Tribe, and I take exception when you disparage the folks I work for. Contrary to what you stated above, they are dedicated and are working hard each and every day to make the Stilly a better place for salmon. They also have created a work environment with a minimum of red tape where we can really get a lot done on a limited budget. Why don't you attend some of our watershed meetings and see what the stakeholders have been up to, I suspect you would be surprised. Just because you are ignorant of what is going on, doesn't mean we aren't working hard to correct the habitat. Unfortunately, we are always playing catch up with development pressures, but things would be that much worse without our continued efforts.
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  3. Seattleginaese
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  4. That is what I was referring to as BS lip service It's the same thing that has been repeated over and over by every PR rep from every tribe and WDFW that has been here. Maybe you guys don't deserve to be lumped in with the rest of the guys tangled in red tape. Believe me I really hope you don't. But sorry your advise acomplishes nothing. If you need land, ask for people with contacts that can get it funded. If you need labor, ask for it. If you need State or DC lobbyist contacts, ask for them. Private individuals contacting public officials to get something done is about as usefull as <PC language filter engaged> .....
  5. Well, duh. We need land first and money/equip. second, or just money which we can use for all of the above. If you know of folks that would like to donate, send them our way (donations to the Tribe are tax deductible). You'd be surprised at how often the electeds tell us that they don't hear from their constituents that salmon is a big issue for them, or flat out say that they are tired of spending money to help fish. When salmon compete for funding with schools, our military, and the elderly it isn't hard to predict who will win.
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  6. How much money, how much land and how much equipment is going to be needed to sort out deer creek? Is there an end to end draft of a recovery plan floating around?

    Also, do you have a draft or template of what you would like made clear to officials in olympia and or DC? Who do you need it sent to? These guys have crashed SMTP servers of chefs just for selling wild steelhead in their resturaunts.

    As for your last point, my advise would be to find creative ways to align with education, welfare, and possibly military spending.
  7. In addition, you'll probably get a higher meeting turnout if you host interactive meetings online and provide free access. There are inexpensive services like gotomeeting, webex, and some others that are lower quality but are free. They do not require an IT staff or specialized equipment to admin either. I'm sure the mods here wouldn't care if you posted meeting invites.

    Also, I see nothing for you guys on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  8. I hopes of turning the post from a series of personal attacts to the original topic, Could anybody tell me what mesh size restrictions the tribe imposes for in river , set net gillnets and if there are any requirements for how much floatation per fathom of corkline. Also I'm wondering if it's okay to use lead weights for anchoring tribal set nets or if a anchor made from a non metalic substance is required?
  9. Think he posted it already.
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  11. Yup, I did.
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  12. Hello all-

    Sorry that it has been some time since I have checked back here!

    For those interested in getting involved, the Stillaguamish Watershed Council meets monthly throughout the year:

    As far as Deer Creek goes, at this point I don't think it is so much a bunch of money and equipment that is needed, more time. The Deer Creek watershed is healing and greening up nicely under the NW Forest Plan (did an overflight a couple years ago), and the modern Forest Practice regulations appear to be working on state and private lands, keeping the landslide frequency down from what it was decades ago. Unfortunately, trees take many decades to mature to the point where they can provide functional LWD, and it will take time to heal the damage of the past century's logging practices. That said, any land that folks want to purchase along Deer Creek, and remove infrastructure, and plant trees- more power to them. Those actions will help in the long term for sure. Send me an email and I can point you in the right direction. Of course, the bigger issue with PS Steelhead at this point seems to be more oceanic in nature than FW conditions, so I think we will continue to see poor returns for the immediate future.

    The recovery plan for Stillaguamish Steelhead isn't written yet, but should be done in the next couple of years. Funding to do the work hasn't been forthcoming, but we hear there now may be money. Stay tuned.

    Communicating with the folks in Oly and DC is above my pay grade, but the NWIFC has spent a lot of time and effort developing materials (with local tribal staffs' input, myself included). There is a ton of good information here, the type that electeds can understand (Our Stilly data happens to be on the front page right now):
    Click on the "State of our Watershed" link near the top. Most of the work to date has been directed at Chinook salmon, though Steelhead will benefit from most Chinook recovery actions.
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  13. BUT, the real reason I came back around was to let everyone know that we have hired Captain Bill Hebner out of retirement from WDFW to head our Fisheries Enforcement Department at the Tribe! We are quite excited to have Bill on board, and look forward to the experience and skill that he brings to our watershed. Captain Hebner will be hiring an additional Fish and Wildlife Officer (interviewing candidates at the end of this month) to help him patrol the watershed, and encourages anyone who witnesses suspected illegal activity (or derelict nets) to call him 24/7 with violations: 360.618.3521 YES - 24/7, he was very clear on this!

    Even if the suspected violators are non-treaty in nature (i.e. sporties snagging), Bill would like to know. He will investigate the reports and pass along to WDFW if appropriate. As most know WDFW is spread way too thin in Region 4, and we haven't had dedicated staff for a couple years (long story). Our police were doing their best in the interim, but Captain Hebner's new unit will certainly up the enforcement presence a great deal in the watershed.
  14. One last thing....our fishers didn't go out at all for Steelhead this winter, so you can't blame your poor catches on tribal nets ;) . We are closed for the season as of a week or more ago, so if you see any nets in the river, they are illegal. There won't be any openings until early July, so please report anything suspicious to Captain Hebner. You can check back with the fishing page link posted above later in the season for updates as fisheries are scheduled. I will know a great deal more in another couple weeks, after WDFW and myself exchange the 2013 forecasts.
  15. Thanks for the follow-up Jason! Congrats on snagging Cap't Hebner! He and his new staff should prove to be a huge asset to help fill the void left by WDFW bugdet cuts.
  16. Jason,

    Thanks for posting. It is much appreciated. I always enjoy learning how the fish runs are doing on the Stilly, having spent some of my "formative" years there.

  17. Thanks for the update!
  18. Thanks Jason, good to have a follow up.

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