Treaty Fishing on the Stillaguamish

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    Any updates as to numbers of fish taken during this month's 5-days a week netting schedule?

    The net that was in just above I-5 certainly violated this tribal fishing regulation: "River set nets shall be placed so that they do not cover more than one-half (1/2) of the distance across the wetted area of the stream channel and shall not exceed one hundred fifty (150) feet in length." It was stretched from one bank to within 10 feet of the opposite bank, covering some 90% of the "wetted area of the stream channel". Had I known the regulation, I'd have stopped and snapped some pics. Hebner's phone number is now in my wallet next to the WDFW officer's.

    Thanks for the info--

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    A heads-up. Here's a number to call if you see this stuff (or anything else that's suspect) happening on the Stilliguamish.
    This was posted earlier in this thread;

    "BUT, the real reason I came back around was to let everyone know that we have hired Captain Bill Hebner out of retirement from WDFW to head our Fisheries Enforcement Department at the Tribe! We are quite excited to have Bill on board, and look forward to the experience and skill that he brings to our watershed. Captain Hebner will be hiring an additional Fish and Wildlife Officer (interviewing candidates at the end of this month) to help him patrol the watershed, and encourages anyone who witnesses suspected illegal activity (or derelict nets) to call him 24/7 with violations: 360.618.3521 YES - 24/7, he was very clear on this!

    Even if the suspected violators are non-treaty in nature (i.e. sporties snagging), Bill would like to know. He will investigate the reports and pass along to WDFW if appropriate. As most know WDFW is spread way too thin in Region 4, and we haven't had dedicated staff for a couple years (long story). Our police were doing their best in the interim, but Captain Hebner's new unit will certainly up the enforcement"

    Good # to have on "speed dial".
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