Tri-Cities swap!! Who's in?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Chad Lewis, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I'd like to get some tri-cities folks together for a face-to-face fly swap. I'm thinking mid-Decemberish, but I'd like to leave a lot open to discussion; see if we can get a better crowd that way. Day? Time? Where? Theme for the swap? I think it'll be as much about meeting fly fishers in the area as anything else. Swapping flies will not be a requirement if you wanna come and don't roll your own. All the same, I'll kick things off with some suggestions: 15 December at Atomic Brewery, around 6:00 pm. And I'll say winter steel would be a good theme for the flies.
  2. I throw my hat in tenatively. Sunday would work best for me and Tri-Cities is very close to Wally World.
  3. Count me in.
  4. I'm not from the tri-cities area but I'm over there quite a bit for work & frequent the Atomic (excellent potato soup & Atomic Amber). If I'm going to be over when you guys meet I'd like to join in if you would't mind. I usually travel with a tying kit to keep me busy in the hotel room at night. I'm not much of a TV person.
  5. Okay, I'm contemplating canceling due to lack of interest. But If anyone wants to get a beer and bullshit for awhile, I'm down.
  6. Shhh. Mentioning the Tri Cities is like a fishing report for Crab Creek. You talk about it on the internet and next weekend there will be 150 people wandering around town and sitting in your favorite watering hole seat.

    Keep it on the downlow, man!
  7. The 15th at Atomic. Works for me. I'll bring my son-sidekick. We don't tie, but would like to. I might be able to coerce a couple of other buddies, too.
  8. Rodney, I'm not sure if I can make it. That day turned into a day off for me, and plans were made. Sorry to bail on this- especially since I started it- but hopefully we'll get a good turnout at another time. And along with Atomic Dog, I really want to get out and do some fishing with you guys.
  9. Well, crap! I just invited 3 buddies. You started this thing and now are bailing out at the last minute? Dude! Well, I am showing up, we will see what happens. you should at least drop by.
  10. Don't fish with rodney and adam, they will hook up routinely, while you just flail away begging for a pull or tug. Not that it has happened to me. Just sayin'.

  11. lol, wayne. good one...... Actually, it's the other way around. Wayne has the mojo flow
  12. Well, I showed up with my wife and son, and Rick Sharp was there.... we had a nice time and the pizza is terrific. And the micro brews aren't bad, either. We should try this again.
  13. I agree, maybe after the new year when things calm down a little bit. Doesn't even have to be a fly swap or anything. Seems like there's a decent group of Tri Cities folks on here that never cross paths.
  14. Well you guys want to attempt another get together in the next few weeks on a week night,

    Location: Ice Harbor Brewery
    When: TBD (majority rules)

    Swap flies, gear or just tell lies and trade stories, maybe plan a trip or two for this upcoming summer?
    Post if your interested and a good evening for the date.

    I like March 8th at 6pm

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