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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Caveman, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Anyone who's been around a while knows that posting photos of dead native trout will get some feathers ruffled. From his first post he stated that he almost had the record. Well, almost having the record is the same as NOT having the record. Sure those trout were old, maybe ten years, maybe not. They are dead now and because they are dead they won't ever become state record trout and he won't become a state record holding angler. He just got a few nice native fish dead on the rocks for his pleasure. Not illegal. Not the record. Not my cup of tea. I caught a few native west slope cutthroat this past weekend. Mine were smaller than yours, I'm cool with that, and mine are still growing. Anyone for popcorn?
  2. Do you have any butter Mumbles?
  3. Derek, I'm too fat for butter, no need to make my friends work any harder when rowing me around for wild trout that I'll catch and release.
  4. Hey nice fishies, Caveman.... I see you had better luck this time than you did when I saw you guys there in July! There were quite a few more piggies caught there this summer. It never ceases to amaze me how nice the fish grow there considering it gets absolutely pounded... One trip last year there were Thirty-three people camped there!!!!! Granted, 12 I think were in an Outward Bound group but still.. that's a lot of pressure.

    You might be a bit off on the fishies age, it was planted in the fall of 1999 so that would make it 11 years old!

    No worries about keeping the fish if you like. They are there for everybody's fishing enjoyment to keep or to let go for the next guy to catch and keep or let go and then die of old age... The hatchery will keep pumping them out and dorks like the guy below will keep filling jugs up and packing them in when it's time to plant again.

  5. Nice job Caveman!

    14lb Coho off the beach tonight. What a fight!

    See you on the ferry.
  6. I really couldn't care less if someone wants to keep some fish, as long as its legal to do so. My only issue is the statement that you kept an 18" fish simply because there was no one around to take a picture. Are you really in such desperate need of "proof" to show off to all of your friends and such? An 18" fish is certainly a dandy in my book, but not big enough that I'd absolutely positively need proof of having caught it. Killing a fish simply because you couldn't take a picture, well, like it or not that irritates the hell out of me. Oh well, to each their own. Glad you had a nice trip.
  7. Love the taste of wild fish. doesn't get any better in my book. good job man.
  8. Love the sight of wild fish swimming away. To each his own and I sure hope they were legal and not wasted just for pictures. If you can't take pictures waia for someone who can or be prepared.
  9. LOL...Come on guys, I think this is a hilarious display of dumb -- not the fish, but caveman's retarded attempt at provocation.

    Caveman, when you were in school you didn't rank as one of the smart kids, did you? Your post just advertised to hundreds of people that your rank as a semi-adult hasn't changed. Thanks for the comedy.
  10. I think that none of those fish are close to a Washington State record. But then again he didn't say what state he caught them in. The record for Washington is in pounds, not inches.
  11. Hi, my name is caveman, and I am looking for a fight. I post dead cutthroat pics on a board where I know I am going to get shit, and then adamantly defend myself.

    Thank you, have a nice day
  12. :rofl::rofl: I just fell out of my chair :rofl::rofl:
    Quick, take my picutre, I could be a state record flopping on the floor.
  13. Yes, taking fish is legal where allowed by law and caveman was entirely within his rights to do so. And yes, he might be so poor that bonking those fish was the only way he could put food on the table to feed his 8 skinny kids.

    More likely though is that he decided that his ego was more important than the fishs' lives or that had he released them, he or others could have caught them again at even larger sizes. But sadly, for some here, the need to look like a stud fisherman trumps everything else.

  14. It is funny how upset people get. SooperFly understand. Don't. You guys get why I posted these, to stir the pot because all you fly guys are so perfect but 99% of couldn't get off your ass let a lone hike up a mountain to get these fish..
  15. Due to my general good nature and loving disposition I have voluntarily deleted my post. :thumb:
  16. Looking at the photo of the big one, the spotting pattern looks a lot like a rainbow hybrid and not a pure westslope.
  17. END OF STORY!!!
  18. If they're stocked fish, who gives a shit?
  19. Lake fish, Almost all lake fish in the Alpine are stocked fish.

    What is the big deal. I think some of you like to push your way of life on others a bit too much. If I want to get a few fish to eat that is what I am going to do. Don't push your crap on me. I am all for conservation but not of stocked fish or from a healthy naturally reproducing water system.

    Think about what you all are saying. some of you act like you are in high school.

    Kinda surprised by some of you that I have enjoyed reading other posts from.
  20. Pleeeeeeeaaaaase......

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