Trophy Alpine West Slope Cutty

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Caveman, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. SMC, that is funny stuff right there.

    Amen to that, crazy days like today need comic relief like this thread.
  2. Wow did I get you guys excited. Gotta love it.... Oh ya, by the way, check the records for West Slope cutty for Wa. 4 lbs 7 oz.
  3. Hey Evan, maybe I should tell you where to catch a couple lunkers so you can post them on here too. There is plenty to go around.
  4. I appreciate the offer. I don't really fish for trout though. I'll post a bloodbath of steelhead here after the next few days.
  5. That video is ill. No, that's me now. WTF?
  6. I have not laughed so hard in a while. Well done to Evan for his artistic vision, and to Luke for his copy writing.
  7. This has to be post of the year. I'm laughing my ass off on this one!
  8. I call dibs on the t-shirt version of Unicorn #2!
  9. You can't handle a Unicorn T-shirt. Burck too. Only 'Yard can.
  10. Touche
  11. What happened to the concept of "Catch and Release" whereby the next guy gets his chance of hooking, playing, and releasing the same fish, then the next guy, then.............. oh screw this site anymore. Go sign up for a Worm Fishing Workshop! You suck losers. Call yourselves fly fishermen do you?
  12. Please only pics of unclipped natives though. Thanks in advance
  13. Some day, I hope you will understand the true value to catch and release. I have no issue with keeping a fish that will not survive. However, killing trophy fish (and all of these are) destroys a fishery. If you truly love fishing, you'll embrace C&R.
  14. Beauty of a fish! All of them actually.. too bad they're dead though...
  15. Evan, I think we need another Unicorn pic. This thread is beginning to get too serious again...
  16. Those there fish are planted. Get a grip. Eating hatchery planted fish is not against conservation.

    Unicorn picture in a hurry, wow
  17. Epic. Also, Leslie Hall is my hero. Gem Sweater's still one of the all-time video's EVER.
  18. Seriously. If it's legal to keep a non-native, stocked fish in a lake, have at it. There's plenty of C&R lakes out there. Keeping fish that were born in cement tanks hurts nobody.

    I'm creatively tapped at the moment. If I am inspired for some new unicorn material, it will make it's way to the board. Don't you worry.
  19. Here we go guys. take a look at this....hopefully it will be a great 1 minute 9 seconds of your life! The unicorn of the sea.
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  20. Nate Dutton and the Narwhals for the WIN!

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