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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Caveman, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Easy everybody, bashing me is so easy even a caveman can do it...relax.

    Hey Caveman, you pricktard, I'm no expert but I figure that you think you are a fishing expert. I will tell you that one of us is right. We'll let the rest of the world decide. Because you have to post your almost state record (bullshit claim by the way) picture of dead fish to spin up folks, you sir, are a helpless attention seeker. In actuality though, you are almost spot on senior douchefool extraordinary, I envy many who get out and fish more than I. I envy them because I'd like to share water with them, learn from them, hear their ideas and watch how they work a run, target a fish or present a fly. I do not, sir, envy you one bit. I actually feel sorry for your slobnobbinsh sloth self because you have such an askew sense of yourself and need to use me to illustrate an example.

    Should you, now or in the future, wish to not read anything that I ever post...because as you have stated I don't know shit, please add me to your ignore list...something else that is so easy a caveman can do it. Even one that is a total fucktard.

    For the record, I like to catch fish. I like to eat fish. Sometimes I like to eat fish that I've caught. I also like to type, read and breathe fresh air. Two out of three can be done in my cubicle of confinement. The other one I'll hope for and use the other two to connect me to the adventures of others through this fine site. Have a nice day, and since you know so much, how about going and catching a nice 25" trout...until then, I'm really not impressed by what you know that you know.
  2. In before Mumble's lengthy intellectual branding that's going to be delivered.

  3. This thread is really going places....
  4. Yah, straight to a psychiatrist only to be prescribed meds for being bipolar!
  5. Sorry Luke77, you know I can type about 100 words per minute. That only took me a short jiffy. Since we are off track in a going nowhere thread...why have I not read any recent fishing reports from you? Are you hiding them all in the blogispherical electron vortex?
  6. Screw you guys. I'm off to go out for a few days of hatchery steelhead management. These fish have swam from their concrete origin, through hundreds of miles of river, to the ocean, up to Alaska, possibly Japan, and returned to their natal stream just to jump on to my skated fly and be consumed and turned in to a giant fudge dragon that I flush in to the city sewer system.

    Ah... the circle of life....
  7. I prefer a single-malt....:beer1:
  8. "Fudge dragon" That just about made me spit Mountain Dew all over my screen.
  9. Glenlivet 15 in the flask for those who's path I might cross. In true keeping to fact, I know nothing but I've been told that this libation is a pretty good one.
  10. Everyone knows your full of shit and dont skate flies.
  11. That's my candidate for quote of the year. That single sentence fully educated me on the adiposeless steelhead lifecycle and made me LOL. Evan, you are a genius. But how did a guy who listens to The Misfits become so funny?
  12. Allow me to one-up myself (sorry aboot the hasty work on this one)
  13. Sorry man, I need to get around to updating my blog, I'll holler when I do. For a sneak peak, see my gallery. ;)
  14. For a sneak peek we need to find Craig and go fishing...until then I'll browse the photos. Best to you and the family. Sorry for the thread hijack Mr. Caveman.
  15. I'm not
  16. Farcking hilarious Evan. I didn't know you were Canadian though.
  17. pretty sure ive seen him skate flies.... just sayinnnn
  18. Ladies and Gentleman.....Here is your winner, by KNOOOOCCKKKOOOUUUTTTT.......Evan "The fudge dragon" Burrrrrrcccckkkkkkk....

    Game over.
  19. I have to give credit to Mumbles
    for being creative in his backhanded
    reply. Well said.

    I also want to apologize to all
    the knuckle draggers I offended.

    Sorry I lumped you in with him.
  20. :) I know right where he's at, usually standing next to me in the river.

    Oh and Shelby LOVES her pack, used it all summer. I'll send you a pic tommorrow.

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