Trophy Alpine West Slope Cutty

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Caveman, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I have no problem with someone leaglly keeping a fish be it native or hatchery origion.

    As fishers we go through stages of awareness and at some point it is focused on catching big fish. Often when a person gets to that stage they feel compelled to show the world of their exploits and that I understand. And at that point a self justificatiom seems to quite often emerge. Call it ego, call it success, or call it what you will. The fact of the matter is that who really gives a shit!! If you want to use success to inflame people so be it!! That is an EGO trip period! It is the same thing as a person bragging about catching 30 hatchery plants in the spring. An act of self justification and look at how great I am!

    So enjoy your 15 minutes of fame! Down the road you will realize how petty it was.

    By the way some really nice fish.

  2. I'll take a good brew thank you very much ;)
  3. My loving wife is on her way home with a fresh bottle of bourbon for me.

    Please hurry honey!

    Oh, and Mumbles....put that fudge dragon in your pocket!
  4. Wow is this funny...........

  5. Be honest, this is EXACTLY what you were looking for with your OP. Mission accomplished.
  6. I believe I hear crickets chirping.
  7. Mumbles a litle thin skinned? Should learn how to have thick skin. It is funny how people can bash me but when I say something about someone else it's a sin............ hypocrites....................
  8. Yes, I'm absolutely sure of it. Those are crickets I hear chirping.
  10. Caveman,

    Go renew your bus pass and
    head back to Walmart for
    your pink slip.

  11. +1 Thank God! And thank you Evan for your brilliance. Your creativity has given me some great laughs at the end of a not-so-great day. :beer1:
  12. If you get any dumber I would send you a helmet...
  13. Crickets……… lets see we’ve covered fucktard ( I love that one), unicorns in various states, O’rad got a new avatar, caveman is a Knuckle dragging booger picker, and Evan has caveman eating fudge dragons.
  14. Exactly what is the difference between a retarded fucktard and a basic (non-retarded) fucktard? :confused:
  15. Does anyone know a good place I can go catch steelhead this weekend? How do I fish chironomids? Where can I take my wife/mom (did this one once)/kid/etc... fishing so they can catch fish?

    By the way, stand on the rock just up stream of the big rock that is across from the other big rock and cast up and around the other big rock that is submerged. Some people call the area the red rocks. Just sayin.

  16. Wow that was a fun read, I like to get in on these things after 10 or so pages.

  17. Porter, I am going to go with booger size on that. Evan an illustration maybe needed to help the viewers at home. :beer2:

    and still crickets.
  18. about a truce? We've had our fun and there's no need for anyone else to get into trouble. I'm game. You?
  19. Clean up the language. Please.

  20. My vote for
    most cranky.

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