Trophy Alpine West Slope Cutty

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Caveman, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Chris Scoones

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    That's probably true. Perhaps it's a result of having to moderate those who are "Old enough to know better".


    Chris Scoones
  2. Go Fish

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    Can't argue,
    if you oversee a
    zoo sometime the
    critters get fiesty.

  3. tediousthumper

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  4. Caveman

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    All in fun Mummbles, no hard feeling. I new this thread was going to bring lots of attention but I don't think it was going to bring this much. It's all good. Time to shut it down.
  5. flybill

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    Keep whatever fish you want, as long as it's legal.. just don't post pictures here of them here, imho. Regarding these specific fish, they are beautiful cutt's and for me I find the big, old fish don't taste good, so I wouldn't keep them. An 8" - 12" trout will taste better and there are plenty of places you can fish and keep your limit of brookies, bows, etc.
  6. sooperfly

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    We'll never know without weighing Caveman's fish, but It's possible it was close to my fish from 2006. Shouldn't be too hard to beat - I'm sure a lot of people catch much bigger ones and don't realize the record is actually this small, or they just don't care. Probably the latter. :)

  7. Caveman

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    What a hog, gotta love it. Thanks Sooperfly.
  8. Ed Call

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    Sooperfly, nice fish. Some might toss the big ones that might challenge the record back for the simple fact that the fish has to die to qualify. It would be nice if they updated the process such that you could properly document the fish, length, girth, weight and get it certified without having to remove it from the environment. Others might just not be too worried about the record, like you said.
  9. Go Fish

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    And I thought I was fat!
    Nice fish...

  10. norcal51

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    Does anyone else find it odd that the "real" state record holder found this thread? I mean nice fish! and if its really you my bad but after 4ish years are you still cruising Google to find out if anybody's still talking bout your hog? or did you actually catch wind of this via a friend or acquaintance? just smells kind of fishy kind of like hatchery fish.:confused:
  11. Caveman

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    The reason why he found the thread is because I met him and we talked about the record where I caught my fish. He PM me about it the day of on another site congratulating me on it. He was at the lake ealier in the year where I caught my fish, which happened to be the 2nd time being there. The third time was a charm. Trust me he doesn't boast nor care if his record gets beat. All of his big fish that he catches are ones that you have to work for in alpine areas no ones that you drive up to and dumping your boat in.
  12. Luke77

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    I gotta say, all BS aside, caveman's fish definitely is longer and would be pretty close weight wise.
  13. sooperfly

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    I'm pretty sure I'm "real", didn't think I'd need vetting! :) I've been a member since 2004 but have rarely posted. Mostly a lurker. You'll find me on nwhikers under the same username "sooperfly". Also, I'm the person in the fish stocking photo earlier.

    I found this thread because one of my good friends (a longtime WFF member ) sent it to me, and I recognized Caveman from a hike earlier this year. After seeing a few posts I thought I'd throw in the picture of the actual record for comparison.

    Here's a shot of an even larger Washington State cutty that made it about 11-12 years and died of old age. He was exactly 25 inches long, and thick. Also at another high mountain lake that sees huge pressure - from both hikers and horsepackers. Crazy for him to beat all those fisherpeople for years and finally die over winter. This pic was taken at the end of June, 2002.


    If that's not enough, my real name is Angus, and I also currently hold the goldy record. (thought somebody would have beaten it by now!)

  14. Chris Scoones

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    Nice fish sooperfly. Nice lakes as well.
  15. Big E

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    Wow...that fish has some awesome color. Nice one.
  16. Luke77

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    Sooperfly, that golden is absolutely beautiful!
  17. norcal51

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    glad it really is you. With all the bs posts and lurkers you really never know. Nice fish Angus! that golden is spectacular :thumb:
  18. Caveman

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    Beautiful fish.
  19. Josh Smestad

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    Reading this thread was a great way to waste half a day at work. Thanks to all the contributers!
  20. Caveman

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    Glad we could amuse you.