Trout Fishing Lakes on Orcas Island

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  1. Anyone fished the lakes on Orcas Island lately? Heading up this weekend. I did a search here but reports were a couple years old. I've hiked up there but never fished. Don't know whether to take my tube or not, whether it's worth ti. Anyway, any local knowledge would be appreciated. Also posted this in the Stillwater forum. I'd be taking a 4 wt so probably too light for salt water, but have never done that so don't know.
  2. If no reports are being posted, either a) no one is fishing it or b) it fishes really well (often both). Tucked away lake that holds trout with very limited don't want reports on a place like that (if it were me no one would know where I was going). Take your tube and go.
  3. Go to and click on lakes. It will give you what you are looking for. That site used to be listed here but I haven't looked for it. It is a good site and lots of info on 99% of the lakes here in this state.
  4. Cascade Lake in Moran State Park had trout in it when I was there 3 years ago, for what it's worth....

  5. I grew up on Orcas and there are a variety of trout species in Cascade Lake, Mtn Lake and Twin Lakes. In order: Cascade is the large lake in the main part of Moran State park and get's a fair amount of summer traffic but is prety quiet in the am and pm times. The fish are the largest here. Mtn lake is about 3 miles up Mt constitution and gets less pressure and in my opinion is the best give it's size while the fish are smaller they are eager and fun on a light weight rod. Twin lakes is only accesable via a hike from mtn lake and is uphill all the way. Given that it doesn't get much if any pressure, there are small brook trout in there and maybe some other species. Again small but fun. Definitely bring your tube, there are options!

    Enjoy, it's a beautiful place.
  6. Thanks. I think I'm going to hump my tube up to Big Twin lake. Seems like the best bet. Given the warm weather and summer vacationers, I think the easy big lakes will be swamped with cannonballs, power bait. I'll drag a bugger around but hope to get into some dry fly action. I'll let you know how it goes - or maybe I won't, as per Old Man.
  7. I fished Mountain Lake about 5 years ago on the last weekend of July and there was only one other person fishing; it may not be as crowded as you think as most people don't go to Orcas for the freshwater fishing.
  8. I agree with Freestone, Mtn Lake will have plenty of space, you may see a couple locals out but that's about it. Cascade gets most of the pressure.
  9. Tangles, how'd you do?

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