Trout fishing on the Hoh

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  1. So some buddies and I are thinking of heading to the Hoh River this weekend, probably camping near 5 mile island and would like to do some fishing as well. We aren't adept fishermen by any means so any tips around what type of conditions and where to look would be great. Extremely generic question but hoping I can lean on the wisdom of some people that know the area.

  2. There aren't any fish in the Hoh. That river is sterile. I hear there are bears there too. And man eating spiders.
  3. The fish are there. You just have to know what your doing when fishing for them. And quit trying to scare the poor guy away.
  4. What would "knowing" be in this case :) Anybody have any beta?
  5. watch out for sasquatch gopro gloating while casting to the last spring chinook.
  6. "Trout fishing" on the Hoh usually means sea run cutthroat, and they don't show up in fishable numbers until August. It's also a bit early for any meaningful chance at summer steelhead IMO. I think you'd be better off fishing on the Bogachiel and Calawah near the hatchery for summer steelhead. There should be a few fish there, and you won't be alone.


  7. What Salmo said. The Hoh is underrated in the summer, particularly July and August. I've had some great summer camping trips out there. Bring a 7 or 8 wt Spey for summer steel and a 5 wt for sea runs and resident cutthroat.

    Plan to cover a lot of water and do not expect numbers (unless you find a pod of rising cutties) but good days can certainly be had in the warmer months out there.

    The Sasquatch threat is real though.

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