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  1. Hey all!

    I'm relatively new to fly fishing but really enjoying it. I grew up in Washington and now live in North Carolina. I've been going to the Blue Ridge Mountains for trout fishing on the Davidson and some of it's Tributaries. In about a week I'll be headed home and going on a family trip to twin lakes (Easter Washington). On the drive over we'll be headed through Stevens Pass and I was hoping to throw a line in at some point in one of the creeks along the Snohomish. I just have no clue where or with what type of flies, leader length, technique.

    Any information would be useful. I'm not looking for monster fish or any specific type of trout. I just want to have a good time fishing with my brother.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. There are lots of cutthroats up there. Check your regulations and bust out google maps. Pick a couple of creeks and give it a shot. The fish will be in the 6-12" range, and they love attractor dry flies like Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams, Royal Wulff etc... Use a 7-9ft 4x leader and a 3-5wt fly rod and you're set. Cascade small stream trout are generally easy like that. P.S. it's the Skykomish up there, the Snohomish is the big river it is a fork of.
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  3. Great! Thanks for the info. Are there any specific places that would be ideal for wading?
  4. I thought that I would be more helpful. There isn't much fishing on the east side of the pass as most skinny water over there is closed. You come over the top and drop down on the first water which is the Tye River. Lots of places to fish if you can find a good place to park off of US 2. You come down farther and you will have the Foss River off to your left. Of course you have to take the Foss river road to find the Foss. A little farther down you will cross the Beckler river. Good fishing at this time of the year. Where the Beckler runs in the river becomes the S/F Skykomish.

    I didn't mention any rocks to stand on so I'm not giving away any secret spots.

    Farther down you will come across the Miller River and Money Creek. But none of this is close to the highway. You really need a good map to find it all. The next water you come to in the N/F Skykomish. There are a few trib on that river also but I'm not going to mention them. Exploring is half the fun of wetting a line.
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  5. Thanks Old Man. I really appreciate the help. I'm excited to get on some of the rivers up there. The Davidson is nice, but I'm sure it won't compare to the North West.
  6. Just be prepared to be happy catching a lot of small fish. It's pretty country but not known for many large trout.
  7. Go with OMJ's suggestions, he's the man from up there. Also some decent hike in lakes out of Scenic. Great area to get out and explore. Some wise old guy said to follow the squiggly blue lines.....

  8. If you fish the Foss river, or any stream in that area, be sure to bring some good insect repellant. Hiked the Foss river a number of years ago and the mosquitoes and biting flies were horrendous!

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