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  1. Hey everybody!
    I just moved here from SoCal where there isn't much trout fishing to do! My main experience is on the Provo. I was looking in to getting some fish on the Sno this weekend. I live in Seattle and was looking for something close to home where I can pull on some trout (even if they are of the smaller variety). South fork? Middle fork? North fork? Just looking for a good place to start. I've been checking out the forum since I moved up (about three weeks ago). Stoked to be up here and any help would be appreciated. I'm going to wade and want somewhere with decent access. Also, any info on flows would be rad. Cheers everyone! And I'll post a report with this weekend's success and failures!
  2. The middle fork seem's to always be totally narly.
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    The MF is on the drop. If I remember correctly, it's tough wading/bad fishing until it drops under 400. The best fishing starts a few miles up Middle Fork Road, make sure you have to hike from the road. The spots you see on the drive up usually stink. I've tried to coax the supposedly large trout out of the mainstem above the falls, and I'm convinced that there are very few of those fish in there. The South Fork is probably the best option up there right now.
  4. Flows on the south fork look great. Pick one of the exits after North Bend, find the river, park near an opening close to a bridge and have at it.

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  5. Just be conscious of water temps - the SF is low right now and warming. There are fish worth hiking for on the MF and tribs.
  6. How far up do I have to drive on the MF to get to some good fish able water? Thanks for all the replies everyone!

  7. Drive until you CAN'T see the river from the road. You'll find several pullouts that mark trails through the bush to the river. You'll be able to hear it in the distance—follow the sound. Fish there. I was on the river last night and it's still running higher than I prefer—wasn't able to make a few crossings that I typically do. In my personal opinion it will be ready for prime time in a couple weeks.
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  8. MF fishes best later on in August unless you're eager to be swept to your death beneath the frigid flow. Currently the south fork is your best bet. Lots of small native cutts. The upper Snoqualmie River System hasn't been stocked for many years so all the trout are native and pretty small. A trophy is anything over 10". I like to use a 3 wt. The North Fork is difficult to access and seems to be the the least productive. Remember to practice C&R.

  9. The Brookies in the South Fork aren't natives ;)
  10. Nope. I think he meant wild.
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  11. I have had great days Oct - January (fewer fish, but bigger) as well as July-Sep. Pay attention to flows and explore different locations to fish on the MF and you will find that those matter more than the month of the year.
  12. I trout fished a ton in SoCal, best place to own a 00 wt ever!

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