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  1. dryflylarry

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    Note that 2500 people have looked at this thread!!! Do you suppose they are too lazy to go find their own spots and can't wait to read what people post?!! Threads like this scare me! Eeeeek! :eek:
  2. Old Man

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    Yeah, to hell.
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  3. Tim Lockhart

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    Jim 2 years ago you would offer some advice on the finer points of map reading along with an actual honey hole like the forks to get a fellow angler underway. Now it's an outing in hell. Are you getting soft in your old age? :)
  4. Ryan Higgins

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    *creeps in, notices no actual spots have been posted, creeps out*
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  5. Old Man

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    Got my hands slapped to many times. I decided to be a nice guy and keep my mouth shut.

    I spent oodles of money on gas to find all I found in Washington. To many want the easy way and want to be pointed to them places. All it takes is pouring over a map at the blue squiggly lines. Some times you have to beat your way through Blackberry's and Devils Club or climb down a cliff to find it all. To me it was all worth it as I found many places to fish. Of course I was a lot younger then and all that crawling around was fun.

    Here in Montana I don't have to do any of that. I drive to where I want to fish, park my truck, walk ten paces, and fish and catch fish. For somebody with bad wheels, this is a dream world.
  6. Tim Lockhart

    Tim Lockhart Working late at The Office

    Well here's a whopper I took at one of my top secret spots. Don't bother asking, hell will need to freeze before I ever reveal it..

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  7. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Awful brave, aren't you.
  8. Greg Price

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    Isn't that the place where 300lb sturgeon gently sip midges on the surface?
  9. Slowbug

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    a picture is worth a thous.. two words!
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    Go explore the Snoqualmie Forks, the Cedar from Landsburg to Lake Washington, and then pick one bigger S river from upper tribs down to the salt. It took me a few years to do that, and it gave me a profound understanding of PNW watersheds, NW trout habitat, entomology, and the vast differences in stream system structures. I found many awesome secret spots, but can also discern fishy blue lines on a map much better now.
  11. Mickyfinn

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    Try here,(Sorry you will have to find it on your own) it was a near perfect day Friday. Ice cold water, Tough access. willing but wary trout, Place to myself. They don't come along often
    enough, days like these. One hint- chuck hoppers at 'em they just can't resist! IMGP5236.JPG
  12. GAT

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    That is one of the funniest posts I've seen here in many moons! :):)

    I don't have any stream secret spots anymore.... in fact... I don't even have any lake secret spots. Just buy a copy of Fishing in Oregon, find a spot that looks interesting, follow the instructions on how to get there and go there.
  13. SquatchinSince86

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    I doubt the OP has picked up a fly rod in a couple years.
  14. Dennis Thomas

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    You could go to Rocky Ford. It has trout and no one fishes there. At least, few admit it. :)
  15. freestoneangler

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    Totally agree on the exploring, but the bushwacking part is over-rated IMO :D.
  16. tinman207

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    Wow.....didn't see the date on this one.......Slowbug raised it from the dead. Pretty funny to see over 4,000 views and 34 posts. Lots of lurking.
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