Trucha de México?

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  1. Anyone ever fished the high mountains of México for trout? I haven't, but one day I'd like to. Also, anyone ever catch the Southern Conchos Trout?
  2. It sounds like lots of fun. Are there cutthroat down there (besides the cartel)?
  3. I think the Southern Conchos is a type of cutthroat. Here's an illustration.
    There's a cut on the trout's throat.


    There's over 7 species of native trout to México.
  4. I know nothing about Conchos trout. But if that picture is factual, then it is a sub species of rainbow trout, I believe.
  5. Most of the native trout of México are Redband-type trout. There's a website, just gotta find it.

    The Southern Conchos Trout lives in the Southern Conchos River, which flows into the Rio Grande River, which flows into the Gulf of México. It lives on the Atlantic side, which is shocking.
    Southern Conchos Trout

    The habitat, above 6000'.
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  6. Most of the species in mexico are small in size and limited in distribution. Behnke wrote about them in one of his books. He described the group of fishes that radiated out of the sea of cortez as including the mexican golden, the apache, gila and a number of mykiss subspecies (yaqui, mayo, guzman, san lorenzo, arroyo la sidra, and presidio). The mykiss subspecies are named, for the rivers they occur in for the most part and some are only found where there is little or no human activity.
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  7. Fun to think at one point Mazatlan almost certainly steelhead country.
  8. That is all true David. The places where the trout live are very remote. And yeah, Steelhead went far south, but have a harder time with the warmer water.
  9. Found this picture online. Looks like México, and by no means is that guy me, FYI. image.jpg
  10. Oncorhynchus Jalapenos, is more common I hear ..
  11. Holy shit, Jeremy, you just took avatars to a whole new level.
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  12. LOL. That guy has a good sense of humor :)
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  13. It looks like it could be high desert in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho.

  14. Based on his blog, I'm thinking ID. There are Steelhead in Malibu, CA and I think some records of them being in the Tijuana River in modern history.

  15. In the one Behnke book I own he mentions that the Conchos may be a misidentified Mexican Golden trout. Something to do with teeth. Your picture looks like the same illustrator as the book I have, where is it from?

    Here's a website about them that shows their known distribution. For years now, I've thought that it would be a neat trip to make to search these guys out but with all the drug violence in Mexico these days, especially in the vicinity of where some of these streams are located, I haven't pursued it any.
  17. The illustration is from my old 2013 trout calendar. The artist is Joseph Tomerelli.
  18. Thanks!

    I had the idea, and Kirk did the photoshopping..

  19. Someone needs to start a Seahawks/Superbowl photoshop thread. I would, but I know nothing about photoshop.
  20. Yeah, hes the illustrator of the book i have.

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