Trying to resist the urge...

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by bitterroot, May 6, 2013.

  1. buy a new vise. I spent Saturday at the FFF show in Ellensburg and saw a ton of tiers, all of whom had very nice vises. Interestingly enough, the most popular vise seemed to be a vise by Wasatch...the model J, I believe, which I have not heard much talk about. Anyway, I know my cheap little vise will do the job well enough and my money is probably better spent on good materials but, Damn!, I'm having a hard time resisting the urge!!!
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  2. Those things are sooooo sweet. I tie on an anvil Atlas and love it.
  3. Bitterroot,
    The "JVice" is made by Jay Smit in South Africa. Great vise. You can order one directly from Jay.
  4. The guy selling the "chicken feathers" took a bunch of my $$$
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  5. Root,

    Don't know if you noticed the Lady sitting next to me spinning deer hair on a Wasatch J-Vise. That was my lovely wife. She's been using her J-Vises (she has 2) for several years and loves them. I even like them, especially the midge jaws she has. I probably should mention that she's also on Wasatch Pro-Staff, but wouldn't endorse or use a product she didn't like.
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  6. You guys aren't making it easy to RESIST the urge!!!!:D
  7. Oh man, I have been looking at the Jvise for months. Good thing I did not go this weekend.
  8. Wait... You came here looking for help to RESIST the urge of buying a new vise?

    Why don't you just host an AA meeting at a Brewery....
  9. Not only were there a lot of folks tying on them but Wasatch had a beautiful display in their booth.
  10. Great point, Nick! Hahahaha!!
  11. I just bought a Barracuda that I absolutely LOVE. I've never felt more comfortable tying on a vise in my life. But I have to admit, a big part of me would love the chance to play around with a Jvise in person. Probably wouldn't be good for my wallet.
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  12. Ah what the heck.... you may as well buy a new vise. I did ... hate it... but what's the chances of that happening to you?


    Seriously, life is too short... you never know when an meteorite might take you out. If you have the money... go ahead on.
  13. You might find you need three vises; a slow one (non-rotary pedestal), a standard rotary and a Nor-vise for those moments you feel the need for speed.
  14. bitterroot,
    GAT would probably offer you a really good deal on a vice he just bought.:)
  15. That's for sure!!! It's really cool... the pedestal base has heavy duty magnets installed on the bottom. Perfect for those who use metal fly tying desks! That's the selling point. ....there isn't much else.
  16. I don't do much tying on the hood of my truck so I think I'll pass. :D
  17. Hey, you never know.... why else did they come up with a vise that includes magnets on the bottom? (actually, the unit includes a metal plate to provide a larger base so the magnets do have a legit use... but it's still fun making jokes about them)
  18. Those J vises are industrial sculpture. If you have the disposable funds go for it. The only bad part is that you'll have to make sure the rest of your tying space is up to par.
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  19. Jack, forgive my for poaching your pic, but It'll make the j vise a little harder for Bitteroot to resist.
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  20. Well, my favorite tying space is on my lap...much like Jay Smit, the maker (according to his website). It hardly compares to the one above, but it doesn't kill my back.

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