Trying to resist the urge...

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by bitterroot, May 6, 2013.

  1. Cost of doing business. Its only money:)
  2. THAT is FAR TOO organized and clean!!! Where's the bits and pieces of feathers, tinsel, thread and all the other crap???

    There's something wrong with a fly tyer who is THAT neat :D:D
  3. I've decided what I really need is a permanent, fully equipped tying station in every room in my house. it drives my wife batty how I will drag all my tying stuff around to whichever room we happen to be hanging in, and I end up leaving a trail of materials and tools through the house. My desk is in my bedroom but I find it much more enjoyable to bring my stuff out and tie around my family instead of alone in the bedroom
  4. Something on wheels.
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  5. Thanks for posting this picture of how your space looks, I was begining to develop a complex about the state of my own space.

  6. Okay... THAT's more like it! Looks familar. :D
  7. Thanks for all the help RESISTING the urge...NOT!!! I just placed the order :eek: ...should have it on Friday.
  8. Damnit Bitteroot..... Now I'm gonna have vise envy!
  9. We're always happy to help :D
  10. Make that two of us. If I do buy another vise it will be a J.
  11. I will return the favor and tempt you all with photos when it arrives! :D
  12. So you ordered from Wasatch I presume? Curious to see what you think of their base.
  13. Yes, ordered from Wasatch. I looked at the vises at the show and liked the base. The wooden bases from Jvice in S. Africa are nice as well and have a lot of cool features.
  14. "Should be here Friday" What does shippping run ordering through Wasatch? How do the bases differ?
  15. Well, let me put it this way about's negotiable.
    The bases from Jvice are more of a laptop tying table. The Wasatch bases are a block of maple.
  16. bitterroot,
    What jaws did you order?
  17. The Wasatch vise comes standard with the Stainless steel Pro jaws, which would be an upgrade if ordered from S. Africa.
  18. Pretty danged fancy.... but for the life of me, I couldn't determine what the thing costs on their site.

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