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  1. That's why I actually have a house dedicated to my flytying. Still in development process, but it's coming along nicely. :)
  2. Click on Ordering, then click on the appropriate download. You will get an excell spreadsheet with all the items/options/prices.
  3. If it wasn't for the 100.00 shipping, that is a heck of a good price for a vise like that one! I thought they'd be much more than they are.

    I wonder if it is the $$ exchange rate that makes the price so reasonable?
  4. I'm thinking about glueing some magnets on the bottom of the maple base...then I'll have a Wasatch Magna J vise! :D:D:D
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  5. GAT, I sure hope your talking about the price and shipping from South Africa. From what I could gather from the spread sheet you buy the vise, the base, bobbin rest and jaws, all separately, then add in the shipping. From Wasatch it's a $500 bill plus $36 for express shipping.

    Root, let me know how you like the vise.
  6. Well now that that's settled you should be set for the foreseeable future. It looks like there might be a few different places to rest the heal of your material holding hand which is always a good thing.

  7. Postal Airmail Shipping

    I was going by the above.
  8. THought you would have ordered the Damascus Steel Jaws ($320) so you and BIG E could discuss the finer points of Damascus Steel jaws?
  9. If I buy anything damascus it will be a Kramer knife.
  10. Take a look at these, saw on another forum that someone had used this for their Jvice.

    Doesn't have the function of the standard bases, but they sure look nice.
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  11. Damn, Dave, those are sweet!
  12. A cheap Renzetti traveler will have to work for me. It has dried head cement globs and deer hair stubs kinda messy-like on the base.
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  13. My G Vise. Harbor Freight has em' for $.79, no shipping. Rotatable too. IMG_1169.jpeg IMG_1169.jpeg
  14. Jack, please attach this again. I get an error message opening it.
  15. I have one like that too, but if I used it to tie flies, how would I get my truck started!:D
  16. Hey, I just bought a vise that works about as well as that one! Does that one have magnets on the base?:rolleyes:
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  17. The last thing I need is a rock slab for my vise base!!! My back is in bad enough shape for fishing.... I don't need to aggravate it further by moving my tying vise around.
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  18. Does that count for tied in hand?
  19. Jack, is the rust an option for the G-Vise or included for 79 cents?
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  20. That's dubbing "dust" built up over the years.

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